Always 0 Club points

Hello everyone,

Well, for a long time I was wondering why we didn’t earn club points, I was like “damn, what is the problem we are always winning, are we too strong ? xD”

I search on the forum if there is already a topic about that but I saw nothing :confused:

Well, I heard about the goliath glitch (for sure I would have used it if I had unlocked the race when it was possible, grinding is not my stuff)
That’s why I like the idea of the extension, very clever you did a great job and it is worth the price.

But damn since this glitch the only solution was blocking club XP reward ? Come on it was a month ago and still nothing.
Delete a functionality of the game is clearly not a solution, I paid VIP, Car Pass and you game for 8 years.

I really love your games, Turn10 and PG made a really good job, I remember starting on FM3 full assist and now every forza I’m full manual + drivatar at max difficulty.

Every year you come up with some new idea, some new stuff to keep your community, that’s pretty good !

But please if we need to grind to level up don’t block the this stuff, I like to do career with some friends, this is a way funnier than alone :confused:

Please get back the club XP <3