Clouding on corners in night racing

OK is anyone else getting clouding on the corners of your screen during night racing??
I’m on an oled TV and have never seen this before? Its so distracting. It seems to be a vignette type effect that bleaches the corners of the screen. It makes the presentation look bad. I’m on the SERIES X hoping to get answers maybe its a bug, its only is noticeable in really dark night racing. Anyone ???

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There’s graphical issues everywhere in the game, day or night.

I guess they will iron these out later, hopefully.

It’s really sad. I think they should have delayed the game by at least another year and just given us a demo to play with. The current game just feels like a demo/beta test.

Really disappointed. FM5 launch on the Xbox One was wayyyy better than this.

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Yeah, same for everybody.

Lots of visual inconsistencies in the game. I think us Early Access guys are just beta testers. Maybe they will make some dramatic improvements to the visuals and car audio before Oct 10.