Cleaning Garage: HW, Hoonies, Demon, Regalia

SOLD Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 10mil
S1 823
3/13 perks used

SOLD Hoonigan Naplam Nova (2) 4mil
A 765
0/11 perks used

SOLD S1 870
1/11 perks used

SOLD Hoonigan Hoonicorn V2 20mil
S2 985
0/16 perks used

Hot Wheels Bone Shaker (4) 10mil
0/11 perks used

0/11 perks used

SOLD S2 974
2/11 perks used

SOLD S1 868
0/11 perks used

2 SOLD, 1 PENDING Hot Wheels Mustang (3) 10mil
S1 841
0/16 perks used

SOLD Quartz Regalia 2mil
S2 938
8/16 perks used

Prices somewhat negotiable. Just want some high end duplicates out of my garage.
Message on XB, I check that more often than here.

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Regalia is sold.
One HW Mustang got sniped in the sales process, hopefully going to try again with the same person at a cheaper price so they can get a HW Mustang.

Hoonie V2 Demon and one Bone shaker sold for a bargain.

Can i buy the quartz off of ya?

Quartz was the first car sold, sorry.
One Bone Shaker and one mustang are pending sale (just waiting for schedules to work out to make the transactions) but everything else is gone.

Met some pretty solid folks in this and I’m hope they enjoy their cars!

Just curious - I am new to this - how exactly do you go about doing this - selling cars I mean? If I was buying a car from you, what would the exact process be?
Sorry if this is a pain in the butt request.