Giving away cars for dirt cheap

Hey guys
I’ve got quite a few cars that i wanna auction off for dirt cheap in FH4 including cars that are rare to stumble upon like the Quartz Regalia, ISF, etc.,

If anyone wants to buy any car off of me
just dm me or reply to this post and ill be more than happy to sell it to you

I live in UTC+5:30 so please consider the time zone differences if any

Thanks and have a great day

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I would very much like to buy the Quartz Regalia, the HSV GTSR and the Ford Capri Forza Edition. I can bid up to 20 M CR on each in the Auction House. Interested in putting them up for sale?

I gave my fh4 account to my brother
And hence will not be able to gift/sell cars to others for now
If you have a copy of fh4 that I can use
I’ll probably be able to sell you the cars

I’ll see if I can get the account off of him
If not then am sorry mate

I want a Quartz Regalia, I would pay top price.

Are you on pc?

Seems like I’m out of luck. Thanks for your reply though. But if you get hold of the account again, please send me a message. Cheers!

I’m on PC. Is there something I need to do?

Do you have Quartz regalia now?


can you sell it to me?
for hight price

Can I buy quartz regalia I’ll pay the highest price

Can I buy
Aston Martin db11 preorder edition
Aston Martin dbs superleggera
Cadillac Escalade ESV
Chevrolet Impala super sport
Chevrolet Camaro zl1 preorder edition
Chevrolet Colorado zr2
Fiat dino 2.4 coupe
Fiat x 1/9
Ford focus rs preorder edition
Ford #88 rtr mustang
Hsv gtsr
Lexus is f
Mazda rx-7 gsl-se
McLaren 720s coupe preorder edition
Pontiac GTO
Porsche 911 gt3 rs preorder edition
Quartz regalia (not type-d)
Toyota Corolla sr5

I wrote you my Discord, I’ll wait for the answer already there) <3 ds: _staycool

Hi, can you sell IS F please?

Hey…are the cars still available ?
I wanna buy some.