Clean rivals lap daily challenge not reacting

Can’t seem to get credit for a clean Rivals lap (today’s Sparkling Clean daily challenge). Something else I need to do besides just run one?

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Often you have to do 2 laps.

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Shouldn’t be… but… bugs do be happening. I know I recently clipped something according to the game that spoiled a clean run in rivals, even though nothing was near my car at the time it popped the notice.

Shouldn’t need a second lap (or you could do a non-circuit instead, I had one needing done). Shouldn’t need to beat the rival time (I didn’t, just drove clean and steady), or pick a rival time that’s easy to beat if you still have some. Pick something without jumps as they can mess up. That’s about all I can think of. If it fails a second or third time report it as a bug, I guess. Good luck ! :crossed_fingers:

Ah yes, now I think I’ve recalled that twist. Something about sometimes having to do a dirty lap followed by clean lap ? Worth a try but I seem to recall it not always working either.

Couldn’t score it on a road race circuit no matter what I tried, but got it first time on a point-to-point road race.

Thanks, folks, for the suggestions and particularly for your non-circuit tip, @Not_Here_Too!


If you’re unable to register a clean lap then it’s a bug. All of these bug work arounds are pathetic.


Some performance class time is trivial. Just drive in safe mode and you’ll get it.

The clean lap has be a lap where you beat another driver or it doesn’t count.

Pretty sure I didn’t beat mine earlier and it completed. Just saying, there’s really no hard and fast rules for bugs.


I just cleared mine with A800 on one of the Street track. Beat the time by 17 secs on safe mode too…

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You get clean lap when you don’t hit any barriers, buildings etc. Also you can’t use rewind.


Worked for me first time clean lap and also beat rival.

^ This… :+1:

So far won rivals with clean laps point to point and circuit. Never registers.
Restarted second time.
Won another.
Didn’t register, but now dailies show 4/7 complete, but not in the individual dailies.
Shows I have 5 to complete now.
Points unchanged from before.
Golf clap for everyone saying it’s ez. Yes it is. It’s not the challenge, it’s the idiotic game mechanics. Crack team of testers.

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Or team of testers on crack?

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Only thing I might suggest is pick a track you have never posted a clean lap on.

I don’t know that this works, but it could be a bug like some PR stunts that wouldn’t work if you had already done them at all, or already scored 3 stars at them.

And a “git gud” for those saying they cant get it to unlock. :rofl:

So I used a friend’s profile and did a multi lap test on the monthly playa azul circuit. Doing several laps following the first rival car at a distance but setting a clean lap. No reward.
Following again setting a clean lap but setting a faster personal clean lap time still not passing the target car. No reward.
Following again but this time just overtaking at the finish line and getting the you beat you rival screen pop-up. Got the reward.

I believe this is the definitive test, you must beat a rival and set a clean lap. So there really isn’t a bug in this challenge. There is a discrepancy in the way it is listed in the challenges. It should have said, “Beat a rival and post a clean lap on any Rivals Event”.

This problem can be listed as solved. :call_me_hand:

I’ll say again. It’s a bug. It does not work the same for everyone. I did not beat my rival. I did not do laps (I did a point to point). I did do it clean. And I got the challenge complete.

And more to the point, others have done it many different ways, including your “solution” and it has not worked for them.

It. IS. Bugged.

There is NO definitivie soloution.

While I appreciate your efforts at finding one, I’m afraid it was pointless, and the way you presented it is insulting to those who aren’t getting it completed. Honestly, I’m not mad at you, but at the culprits behind the bugs who seem oblivious to the mess.

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Does that mean that I have a bug? Since I completed single lap slower than my rival and i got the reward…