Clean rivals lap daily challenge not reacting

It doesn’t trigger. I know how to do it, picked multiple events from multiple lists, won all beat rival clean laps. Did extra laps, clean.

After all that, my previously completed daily’s are showing incomplete, though I lost no points.
Says 4/7 complete, but no check and completed. Redid one I’d done. Got completed check, no more points.

Completed clean laps beating rivals multiple times. No reward.
Dailies completed previously show incomplete. But still have the points, get none recompleting.

Sandwich daily worked fine, got point.
Others say incomplete.
Got points. Just when I was ok with status quo.
“The beatings will stop when morale improves!”


People suggesting different tracks for Rivals. I thought it had to be monthly rival challenge. I always do monthly rival challenge.

Windows 10 Microsoft Shop Version - For me the monthly rivals event worked. One clean lap where I beat my opponent’s time and the challenge was registered as finished. Lucky me only do one lap for monthly rivals as I try to be the first of my friendslist to finish that event.

With that strategy you get almost one ai rival with almost 10-15 minutes lap time for a dirty round.

I thought so too. First thing I tried. Had done it but redid it, beat a different rival clean lap ran x3. First thing I tried. Thx AP.

I ran Las Afueras Street Race on A800 and it counts for me. No rewinds or any collisions. Definely a bug if it doesn’t register the clear.

Using Steam version.

No you don’t have to do 2 laps, I did it in 1 lap.

Just for the hoot, I used a Mercedes X-Class for A class dirt and did 2 “clean” laps.

Must have confused the bridge keeper into letting me pass. :grinning::crazy_face:

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You beat someone in one lap, that doesn’t happen often which would mean that you did something rare. Rare achievements do not qualify as a proof of average behaviour.

Golf clap and a gold star.

Rivals competed doing festival drag rival. Used todays daily modern sports car.
It actually completed rivals clean win. A clean drag race. Dumb but it worked.

The daily however for drag race didn’t trigger. So I used same car same track, no rivals. Triggered.

FT daily says complete. I did them. 3 show undone. Got my points. Dumb errors, random, every week. Not even copy paste errors.