Clean Racing - Do you know what it is?

For the past 18 months, I’ve been a member of a hardcore racing crew for the sandbox game Grand Theft Auto V. Some of you may think that’s ridiculous, how can people race hardcore in GTA? Well, the game is an interesting mix of arcade racing and sim racing, with aspects like simulated damage, no TCS or ABS, and mastering your racing lnes; but on the flip side absurd things like bump boosting to get a speed boost exist in the game. Now that Forza 6 is out, I, as a sim racing enthusiast, will no longer be racing in GTA, but I hope to bring the immense joy of organized racing events and random racing with fellow clean racers to the Forza community.

But this thread isn’t about GTA racing vs. Forza racing (a non-topic, IMO). This is about clean racing. As most of us know, in any racing game on any platform, first corner mayhem and lack of respect from fellow drivers in random lobbies is enough to make most people rage quit a game permanently. In our GTA racing crew, we had a set of guidelines (or rules, if you prefer) on how to conduct yourself on the track. I will paste most of those guidelines below, edited to be relevant to Forza.

I hope everyone will find this a useful read, and if you agree, go ahead and post below in reply so people can add you to your friend’s list.

If your a troll or live by the Play to Win gamesmanship mentality, save yourself (and us) the time and press back on your browser.


leagues should sort people by “temperament” first then by average finish. temperament means aggression / clean level. give it a week or two for the algorithms to sort people out and you should be put on the track with people that race as clean or dirty as you do. if you drive around the track the wrong way you get ghosted and cant hit anyone.

im guessing they go for the realism of the always on collision mode…

your race club sounds awesome man, I been looking for some good clean racers to race with on fm6 my gamertag is ARIAN1o2 that’s the letter o not zero. shoot me a message on xbone.

I too like to race with people that race clean. I am by no means super great at the game, but I am above the average ass hats. If you want to race with me and my buddies, i’m BDLeader88

Do you have weekend races available?

Seeing a list of user created lobbies would solve these issues. It would make it easier for the clean people to find each other.

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im a big fan of WEC myself, i wouldnt mind running in your races if you would have me. im not the best but i do adhear to their rules. if you guys wouldnt mind letting me run with you guys once and while
please add me RnD RECON

I completely support clean racing and having just started playing online in horizon 2 I’m finding so few others that support it. I probably won’t join in with you guys as I feel like a bit of an amateur and even though I try to apply clean racing to my driving my lack of driving skill/experience compared to others this sometimes fails or I end up not as good a racer as everyone else (if anyone knows how the online stuff in horizon 2 works this is particularly true there especially in team events - not sure how it works in FM6 yet as I won’t have it til Friday) but just wanted to show my support to your style of racing

I don’t think the people who want to race clean need to be educated. The problem is that people don’t care.

Also in GTA V if they misbehave you can blow up their car with a rocket launcher.

Only if you set the mode to GTA Race. Which is used occassionaly for long endurance races (45 minutes or longer) with health icons in a designated pit lane. This was used more on old-gen due to issues with respawning the cars to repair damage.

I’ve added those who’ve responded positively so far, hope we can meet on the track soon!

My online gaming time is fairly random due to my small children and work schedule, if you see me on Forza 6 or vice versa, we can attempt to arrange some private lobbies for random racing, especially in classes not used in the public lobbies (some open wheel racing, for a change???) If you see me on Netflix or some other app/game, it’s likely my kids or my wife, and I won’t respond to invites/messages. :frowning:

I hope more people see this and are at least inspired in their own random races to try and keep it clean and respect their fellow racers, while at the same time trying to make them eat their dust. :smiley: I’ve cost myself plenty of credits and experience already by waiting for people I’ve had accidents with, even if I felt the accident was caused by them losing control and I not having any time to react and avoid them. Some might say, they were already messing up, but losing traction on a corner isn’t as costly as being flung into a tire stack barrier facing the wrong direction on slow down grass.

Race clean, race hard!