Chevrolet S-10 pickup 1994-2004 (GMC Sonoma)

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1998 s-10 SS. was the precursor to the “xtreme” s10 they launched in i think 99 or 2000. the xtreme sucked, but the 98 ss has a subdued sportiness to it. as i said with the first gen s10 though, gotta make sure we can cram that 5.7 ls swap in it. that engine swap needs to come back in general. the 6.2 is just too much to fit in the performance index range where it would be any good.

One of the most Versatile Vehicles off all time.
Everyday Truck.
Auto Cross.
Drag Truck (one of the best platforms.)
Off Road.
Low Rider.
Work Truck.
And also might have been your first car.