Chevrolet Silverado 1999-2007 (GMC Sierra)

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Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra (First Generation)

Voting on this topic includes both the Silverado and Sierra and its Denali trim.


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Which brand do you prefer?

  • Silverado
  • Sierra
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Which type of model do you prefer?

  • light duty
  • performance (Silverado SS and Intimidator SS)
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We need the regular silverado in the game


I’d like the 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 Single Cab with the Short bed!


If this truck makes it into Forza this would be awesome. I’ve only seen this truck in one other game and it was only on the original xbox.

I want to have it where you can purchase the base model extended cab, fleet side in the game, but you can go to cosmetic upgrades and get the sport side/stepside (please have this as a feature if the truck is added). While in upgrades you could also change it from a extended cab to a short cab or crew cab.
I’ve seen more lowered first gen Silverados than I’ve seen lifted or off-road ready ones, so having more stance, drift and drag upgrades would be nice, off-road upgrades would be nice too for players who want to build up a off-road truck.
With drift suspension it should drop the Silverado almost to the ground.

From personal choice I’d think having it as it’s base RWD and being able to upgrade to awd, and keeping it to it’s most popular 4 speed automatic transmission (Forza is going to want remove the stock 100mph limiting Governor from the truck in the game)
Engine wise, I’d go for the middle ground 5.3l because we don’t have a 6.0 engine swap in the game and the 4.8 (I’ve been told) isn’t the greatest (if that’s wrong then go with which ever brings more power), speaking of engine swap I think Forza should add the 6.0 as a engine swap for a few trucks and cars.

When stock it should be very similar in feel and driving as the 1988 Monte Carlo SS that’s in game, just a little bit quicker on the acceleration.
Monte Carlo shows about 8.3 second 0-60(irl) while the Silverado is around 7.1 second 0-60(irl).
The wheel upgrades should be about the same as the Monte Carlo SS as well, keeping with some big tire sizes and the amount of different tires except the vintage race tires (however, in my opinion would look awesome on the truck and alot of other cars too)

Forza should go for all the stock colors that have been on every year model of the first gen Silverado, including Wheatland Yellow ,Tangier Orange and Woodland Green. The Stock Black interior would probably be the best one to go with since it would go with almost any color, the tan would contrast with alot of paint choices and not look that good (in my opinion), and also to keep with the theme of most of the car interiors in Forza being black interiors.


I would like to see the Chevy Avalanche preferably 2002-06 cladded model.


My current Daily.
a 2005 GMC Sierra Stepside
With a LQ9 Swapped , Cammed and ported.
Too much power and not enough weight over the rear causes Freedom

'99-'02 Sierra Regular Cab:

'99-'02 Sierra Regular Cab Stepside:

'99-'02 Sierra Extended Cab:

'99-'02 Sierra Crew Cab:

'99-'02 Sierra 3500 Crew Cab:

'03-'06 Sierra Extended Cab:


My dad’s got a 2000 Silverado EXT cab with a short bed, it’d be pretty cool to have it in a game

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I would love to see the 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 LS Quadrasteer added to FH5. That truck would not only be great at off-road, but street and track racing as well! With the option of four-wheel steering, you could fly around sharp corners with ease. The convertible button could be used for switching to four-wheel steering. It would be AWESOME!! I really hope to see this one added!!



Another thing that would be awesome is if you could lift it and put upgrades to make it look really aggressive.

I have one of these trucks and it is incredible.

I would love to build my truck in Forza it’s so disappointing that I can’t, I want to create the truck to look like my goal with my personal truck. I would be in heaven if I could make my long bed drift truck!

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The Duramax :heart_eyes:

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This whould be Awesome to see this generation of GM trucks be added to Forza horizon 5
we need to see the vortec motors come to FORZA HORIZON 5. Most if not all models\trims should come to foza the 1500,HD ss the 2500, 2500hd, 3500,HD etc… SILVERADO, PLEASE Add these GMT800 SILVERADOS TO FORZA HORIZON 5.
pictures on google Images


Those look great!

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I would love to see my 06 LBZ Duramax dually in the game. It was stolen a week after buying it back in may, but I can’t stop thinking how good it would look.


Give us a single cab!! Also we want a 06-07 Duramax!! (Not a dually) in the new Fm8!!!

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We need a 1999-2002 Regular Silverado in the game. Nothing as good as and SS. An LT at the most. At least a Silverado with the 6.0L Vortec V8. Not the 6.6 Duramax or the 5.3L. I think we can all agree we need the 6.0 Vortec in the Silverado. An 1999-2002 Silverado LS or LT with the 6.0L is the perfect Silverado to get us in this game.


I want the truck in all cab and bed sizes, and all engine swaps.

This one should have been the most requested car.

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1999 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 (Extended Cab or Crew Cab; bed size doesnt matter) 6.0L VORTEC V8!

I think this would be a great truck to be a Starter for a player that wants to buy a truck for dirt races or cross-country. This truck is also a big childhood dream for me because this is a truck that played a HUGE factor throughout my life and would be great to see it on Forza, as my dad is no longer here with me anymore and I want to have a truck just like his. I provided a picture of the one he had to give an idea on what we can do to the stock version on Forza. I specifically want the 6.0L Vortec because that is the one that he had in his truck. Not the 5.3 or the 6.6 duramax. The 300hp 6.0L Vortec, which should be 364ci. But Please consider adding this to the game. I was really trying to consider if I should even ask because it is such a basic truck that I feel it will get overlooked way too excessively. But I forced myself to try it giving it a shot anyways. I know no one cares that my dad isn’t here with me anymore, which I understand, because why should it matter to you? Am I right? But I mean, it doesn’t hurt to try. Thank you for your time in reading this though. I appreciate it.

EDIT: And yes, I want this body style. Not the 1998 or 2003 style. I want the 1999-2002 4X4 300hp 6.0L petrol. If it’s an 5.3 or the 6.6 duramax, there was really no point in even trying to ask, because it basically ruined the point in asking to add in the truck to the game, since I wouldn’t get to recreate the memories with exactly the way his truck was. This is like a Paul Walker tribute to me, so I really want it in this form that I’m requesting please. :pray:

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