Cheaters on Tag who glitch out of Test Track

PLEASE PATCH THIS extremely annoying glitch! I just recently bought a Xbox One and so far I’m disappointed due to the jerks who take the fun out of the game! I LOVED Forza 4 tag and was excited for Forza 5 but now I’m unfortunately here having to post that Im having a bad gaming experience and hoping that something soon will be done. Ive file complainted at least 20 people within this last two weeks since ive had my Xbox One.


Same here! I like to save the game clip and report them to Xbox as cheaters. It’s ridiculous that this is even happening. And it’s not like people do it once in a while, EVERY match I join there is always at least two people getting outside of track. I’m with you OP, I recently bought Xbox One because of Forza 5, Tag (Virus) is my favorite hopper to play online, and now its ruined with these clowns who can’t play fair. I gave up on playing and once I finish the season races. I’ll probably just sell off my Day One Edition. A damn shame that something like this hasn’t been fixed yet, and the game has been out for half a year already.

Yeah, I saw some clown broadcasting leaving the track on twitch too. Doesn’t make any sense that people choose to cheat & are proud of it. SMH!

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File a report on Xbox LIVE, following this information: It is cheating, and exploiting a glitch in the game.