cheaters and hacks

why do the ppl who run this game allow cheaters and hacks to ruin the game for true gamers?

They don’t. Most times they get banned. If you find them, report them in game or to a moderator. Problem is, they’re like musquito’s, as one gets eliminated, there’s 10 coming to his funeral.


How do you report in-game? I see guys with R1 cars topping F-class leaderboards. Can’t drive but car makes it easy to beat the sparks.

Not a moderator, but

ty for your answer i will report

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I will note that when I used to report the modders, I would see them disappear from the game. Honestly, after they’re gone, things would calm down for a long time before another shows up. I’ve been gone for over a year though and only came back about a month ago. I’ve only seen 1 obvious game play modder and a few paint/rims modders out there so far. So at least for me in the Drift lobbies it hasn’t been that bad since I’ve been back. Thanks to those who’ve been reporting them and thanks to the staff who has to deal with them.

The auction house has been really bad for a while. Hackers willing to take virtually any car to all 999s. Check out my thread in the Fantasy Paint Booth section for a new HACKER-FREE auction process I’m proposing…

Thanks, Nacho

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Highlight their gamertag then bring up their profile, gamercard, whatever it’s called. Go down to file review and select avoid player. It should give several options to select from, bad language, leaving early, etc. Note that no immediate action will occur, but if a player accumulates enough “negative” rep the Xbox live crew will take notice.

Thanks. Took a try at this. Will see what happens.

Also make sure to file a complaint for cheating and/or system tampering. The only way to report something in-game if I can remember correctly is if they have questionable material in the auction house or storefront.