Challenges unplayable and not fun...

…with the massive amounts of traffic and drivatars. Especially drift challenges. Please address with an option for no/reduced traffic. Thank you.

They may not be fun but they are certainly doable.

I 3 starred all of them in single player.

Just watch the traffic and go when it looks clear.

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I three (3*) the Surfers Paradise Speed Trap in Online Freeroam. There is less traffic but no rewinds. Night time in Horizon also has less traffic.

Agree during drift or speed zones challenges there shouldn’t be annoying NPC cars that fowl up being able to at least get them done. Repeatedly have tried to do the first drift zone and always end up same unable to continue because a VAN or other vehicle pops in shortly after the beginning going either way that launches my car into orbit via pop goes the weasel mode that all the spawning NPC’s seem to posses if you happen to be in the area. An what gives with the Exhibition missions changing to be same as Championship missions??? Have played since prior to launch ( thanks gold pre-order) and was able to do 85% of all Exhibitions without having to be limited to a specific vehicle class prior to Tuesdays Update. Now all that I try to complete are showing must use this class of vehicle and even if I try to blue print a completed one it does the same thing?? What gives DEV’s???

Can you clarify that last bit?

I have blueprinted exhibitions since the update and I can pick the cars the same as before and whatever class car I choose is what determines the class/approx PI level of my opponents.

Start up a private online free roam session, it removes drivatars as its open for friends to join

You still get some small amounts of traffic but all the PR stunts are much easier

The dirt challenges are probably the hardest but traffic does not drive on dirt so it should make them much easier. I have 3 starred most PR stunts using this method


Yeah I was going to say when you join online free roam you get a small grace period of no traffic so if you wait at a challenge then join you can get 1 (or more if they’re close) in. And also last night had the amazing fluke of NO traffic while drift cruising online with somebody. No clue how to make it happen again or why it did but you won’t hear a peep of complaining from me if it happens more often