Celica SS-I 2003 season reward - Thank you, but

I’ve been waiting for SO long for the Celica to be added to the Forza games again. Overall, I’m over the moon to see it get a season reward spotlight. It’s been my favorite car since I was a kid, ever since driving it in NFS Underground 2. Explains why it’s my current project car which eventually will be supercharged.

Thank you Turn 10 for not forgetting about this hidden gem (and make sure it’s in the next Forza Motorsport game too!).

…but I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed with its implementation. Here are a few things I’ve noticed within 10 minutes of getting the car.

  1. For some reason, the instrument cluster that was chosen is that of the US GT version (lower power); meaning it shows that it only revs up to 8000RPM. But they’re definitely using the 2ZZ engine (which is in the GT-S version) because its spec sheets shows 140KW. Strangely enough when you’re playing in 3rd person, the revs show the correct 9000RPM redline on the Forza digital HUD.

  2. NO LIFT ENGAGEMENT SOUND. For those of you that don’t know this, Toyota used their VVTLi technology in the Celica’s with the 2ZZ-GE engines. It functions extremely similarly to the VTEC systems that Honda use, but I dare say is even more pronounced when it engages at ~6000RPM. I was really hoping the Celica would get the same audio treatment as the Honda VTEC systems (just give the S2K a test drive and you’ll see what I mean), but I was sorely let down.

  3. I didn’t expect this to be added in the game for such a niche car, but would have been nice to have the option to add the Tsunami/Sports package or even the stock bumper + lip.

I hope that in a future patch/update these minor tweaks can be implemented (in particular, just mimic the lift sound of the VTEC system and that will satisfy 99% of Celica fans out there)

Good to see the Celica under the ‘retro sports cars’ category though :')


I couldn’t agree more.

To be honest I didn’t expect them to fix the cluster, and the fact that it’s not an SS-I but an SS-II as it’s been like this for years.

I too was so hyped for it to be back in Forza as I have owned 3 and currently have a trd sports m celica. Unfortunately my biggest disappointment is by far the sound. As you said there is no lift sound, but the problem is that the actual sound is completely wrong. I’m not sure where they got their sound file from but it just sounds like an n/a boxer engine which is a complete joke.

I was hoping that the sound would at least be that or similar to the Integra DC2 as it’s pretty much spot on.

Unfortunately since it’s ‘just’ a Celica and most of the community couldn’t care less, I highly doubt they will ever fix it.


I unfortunately have to agree with your last statement - which is a real shame. I simply don’t think there’ll be enough noise in the community to warrant T10 making any changes.

Let’s just hope that the next motorsport will not only have the 03’ Celica, but with all the changes we’ve highlighted as well.

Agree, i think car will not be fixed at all (but i would like it), i described all mistakes of model here that i could see on youtube. As an owner of gt-s version, I also don’t like the attitude towards the 7th gen celica, but the car is really niche, its not a hyping supercar.