Cars year models being discontinued in the forza series

So tonight I was playing a bit of forza, and I really enjoy the camaro’s especially the 2010 only to find out it was missing and replaced by a 2015 z/28.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the new models as well like I like the older models, but why now keep all the models? I personally prefer a weaker camaro that way I could get it into the Lower tier races. The new models are powerful and fun too but they are so powerful that they don’t qualify for lower tier races.

I know there was and interview when Dan Greenawalt or another T10 employee (if I’m not mistaking) that he pointed out that they rather give us the newer model and basically get rid of the older one that way we don’t have duplicates of the same car (they are really not the same car visually).

But I don’t see the issue. Yes they are the same model but they look different (some slightly different). In my opinion some of the older models look better. Let’s take for example: 1st generation Genesis coupe. We can all agree that by far that Genesis looks better than the newer body style.

Tonight I counted 11 corvettes including the race cars…11!!

There’s no problem with 11 corvettes by all means, I like variety, but what I don’t get is the contradiction about multiples of the same model. I’m not bashing T10, I just don’t see the point getting rid of the older models but then keep a dozen of the other models cause they are a bigger brand.

Car equally and fairness should be a presence this game regardless if that car is more famous. All models should stay in the game and not replaced in my opinion.

There are corvette fans just like there are camaro fans is my point and the same goes to all other car brands. If a bunch of those models stay then a bunch of the rest should stay it’s only fair, and at the end the gamers have more options.

Thanks for the read.

Some people think this is a wish list, this is not a wish list. I’m trying to understand the logic of getting rid of the older car models versus contradiction keeping a bunch of other car models

Please keep this post constructive and positive !


If they get rid of the old cars that’s it for me then, I won’t be buying anymore forza games if it’s just got new cars.

Weak points through out. 11 Corvette models and only 2 are in the same gen. And those are still massively different. Then there’s the CR.7, but that’s different from the C7 Z06, and that replaced the 2014 Stingray. That’s also why we don’t have the C6 Z06 or GS anymore, but we have the ZR-1. Camaro is the same. We don’t have the 1st gen Z/28, because we have the SS model. Also why they got rid of the 2010 SS, because we have that gens Z/28. If you wanna race in the lower tier get the SS Anniversary. Also, the newer Genesis is in the game because the older gen looked out dated and by comparison is weaker. I could go on and on about it with multiple models like the GT-R SpecV, the 2010 Ford GT500, Boss 429, 2013 Boss 302, and Dodge Challenger SRT. The Charger is there because the Hellcat wasn’t in the game yet. Anything else to explain?

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Don’t mean to be a nuisance, but the Challenger Hellcat was in the vanilla game. And there aren’t any gen-5 Camaro’s.

Not a nuisance. I love a good debate. The Challenger Hellcat replaces the SRT-8. I don’t need both. There’s no point. And yes, the 2015 Z/28 is a gen 5 Camaro. It came after the 2014 Facelift. It’s built on the Zeta platform. The 2016 Camaro is the beginning of gen 6, being built on the Alpha platform.

Thanks for the reply clutch,

The Camaros 10’ and 15’ are the same generation but the front nose and the rear end even the base engine are different.

There are other car makes in the game there have duplicates as well.

I don’t mind duplicates at all, but favoring other cars to “A less superior car” is not right in my opinion .

Anytime! I love adding to the debate, because it is something that some people want addressed. My opinion though on duplicates of cars, but different trims, is that we just don’t need them. Like, I don’t need the SRT-8 if I have the Hellcat because I’m going to be racing the Hellcat more. The SRT-8 will just sit in my garage. Other than a facelift they look similar. And I, maybe speaking for myself or not, would rather have the newer model. The hype around the Hellcat and Z/28 is great and being able to drive them in the game is amazing because there’s a chance I won’t be able to in real life(Let’s hope that turns out to be false).

I don’t know too much about the Chargers but the 2010 camaro and the 2015 look different to me.

If replacing an older car for the newer model then let’s get rid of all the corvettes and only keep the 2015.

I would hate that ,but that what the contradiction boils down too.

You see where I’m getting at? It’s like “keep all these but let’s get rid of some of these”

I really hope licensing is not the issue here.

You’re missing the point. There’s no need for 2 vehicles of the same generation. Hence why we dont have the 5th gen Camaro SS, C6 Z06/GS. and the Challenger SRT-8.

  1. The Camaro Z/28, as stated previously, is a facelifted 5th gen Camaro. The 2010 SS started it, the 2012 ZL1 was a refresh of sorts (kinda), the '15 is a facelift. 2016 Model Year Camaros start the 6th generation.

  2. Apples and Oranges. Someone used the M3s earlier, so I’ll use it too. The reason why the E30, E36, E46, and E92 are still in, even though the F30 is in (M4 because BMW naming), is because those are different generations. With the Corvettes, we have the '53, and C1-C7 eras. Top-of-the-line model from each, ok, but still one of each.

  3. I would hate that too, but the contradiction doesn’t really boil down to that. It’s getting rid of, say, the C6 Grand Sport and the C6 ZO6 to have the C6 ZR1 instead, not getting rid of all the Corvettes because the 2015 ZO6 is in.

  4. It’s just getting rid of duplicates from the same generation. Not the entire model range. We do have more than one Civic, right? More than one Mustang, more than one Lancer Evo, more than one WRX STI…see where I’m going?
    -Addendum: I don’t disagree with your post. I do like having the duplicates in, because A. It allows you to see the progress made along the generation’s life, and B. It allows you to compare them all on track. I do miss the 2005 Gallardo, the 2003 Murcielago, the 1999 360 Modena, and so on, but I’m not the one making the game, and I’m not the one that has to deal with the companies that made said cars. All I pay for is my download.

  5. That, money, and resources are all probably why. The degrees of influence each has I know not.

Now does this explain generations that went missing? Maybe. There was at one (well, more than one really) point in time a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen Supra in the same game…4th is still here but gen’s 2 and 3 are MIA. I used the Civics earlier, so while we have several, we did have more. 1999, anyone?

I do question the sort of “backwards” removals though, like the Honda NSX-R GT being dropped when the standard NSX-R is still here. Can’t really think of another example at the moment.

I’ve thought about this throughout the years and it sucks but to be honest it’s a business decision that T10 has to make. They have to pay for the rights to have each car in the game. So in order to keep operation cost down they have to remove some of the cars. I do agree and feel your pain when you can’t drive the car you want in the class you want because the model they provide is classed too high. (2013 Ford Shelby Cobra would be my example) The only options that I could think of to solve this would be:

  1. Give us all the cars back and make less profit (not going to happen)
  2. Give us more motor swaps that allow us to use the motor from the lower class version of the car.
  3. Give us power restrictors so that we can lower the power levels. (a few other games have this option)
  4. Supercharger/turbocharger delete option. (FM3/FM4)

I absolutely agree with this thread! Why on earth did the C6 Z06 for example deleted!? That is / was one of the best cars to drive in Forza 4. The new one doesn’t do it for me at all, ugly.
So many older models are gone, it’s just bizarre.


Not only should the older models remain, but the V6 versions should also be in the game. No V6 Mustang or Camaros, but we have limos and SUVs.


V6 downgrading would be a nice option but I think that’s more of a features wish list:-)

I see lots of opinion here and a rejection of T10’s logic and capabilities, which is what makes posts like these just another wishlist posed as a question instead of a true inquiry. I don’t have the impression that you would accept T10’s answer even if it explained “because that car is more famous” or “they are the bigger brand” or “so we don’t have duplicates of the same car.” This is the second post I’ve seen today that argues for fairness but misses the fact that one person’s sense of fairness disenfranchises another person’s sense of fairness given that T10 obviously doesn’t have unlimited resources and a shortcut through time. The time and budget spent on licensing and developing each car means some other car desired by another user is excluded. And even if the developers were free from contractual constraints and could include every car from every manufacturer’s line from every generation and still justify the expense, Greenawalt’s various interview statements reveal the challenge of balancing what players want with a game design that highlights iconic models and moments without losing the narrative in a sea of choice.

  • No, we can’t all agree that one generation of car x looks better than another, or even that looks is the only metric for wanting a car.
  • Siding with a bigger brand is unfair to the players who want rarer models, and siding with the rarer models is unfair to those who want the more popular models.
  • Siding with a base model is unfair to those who want the Hellcat version, and siding with those who want the biggest/fastest/best version of a car is unfair to those who want to race or build up a base version of a car, or want it due to reasons other than performance.
  • Siding with a “one of each” approach is unfair to those who want more of a particular make or model or class or region or type, and vice versa.
  • Siding with the “keep all previous cars” approach is unfair to the players who want a fresh roster, and vice versa.

If the Car Wishlist tally demonstrates anything, it’s that there is no majority opinion; every opinion or wish is just one of many. The thousands of different user opinions have to be factored in with limited options, and in the end we get what we get and there will always be players who want what we don’t have.

See also:

The forum faces a similar challenge - if a page can only hold so many threads, and that number is significantly less than the number of forum users, what happens if each user wants an individual thread to highlight their own opinion?


Whoa whoa there cowboy, you came off kinda defensive there. I was just trying to understand the logic behind this :slight_smile:

First off thanks again for the reply and sorry for the delay. Was sleeping when you replied and when I woke up I had a 2 1/2 drive to work.

After reading your reply all it boils down too is Licensing, but even the then I’m still don’t get why keep so many of one model but keep scrapping another car model older variant.

Maybe licensing for that model ?

I wouldn’t accept “because that car is more famous (in OP’s case, it isn’t)” or “they are the bigger brand (they’re both Chevy’s)” although I will say that too many duplicates is a horrid thing. I would like to know personally why some cars were eliminated without a clear successor however.

What I meant to say by “bigger brand” was fan base.

The camaro was only an example. Other makes in the game I suffering from the same issue.

If you’re not going to accept the answer why should someone address the question?


I appreciate the reply Manteo, it was just a trend I saw in the game. Wasn’t creating a wish list just didn’t make sense to get rid off s body style but keep XXX amount of the others.

Take the jeep SRT8 for example. We only got one Cherokee SRT8 and we got 10 formula E cars and performance is exactly the same.

I guess my point was the older srt8 was very different from the new one, so why it was the old one replaced by the new one? why not keep them both ?