Cars that need Banning from open drift and leaderboards

Humor me on this cause I know this will trigger some of the AWD snowflakes.
Willys Jeep, BMW Isetta and both old Bentleys need to be banned from open drifting and the leaderboards…
The Tractor and BoneShaker were banned in FH4 for being OP
The Raesr and I-Pace have been banned in open racing for being too OP with the drift tranny, so can we please get the OP drift cars banned.
Oh and 1 other thing can we get custom open drifting, you know classes C thru S2 and RWD or AWD, it would make drifting more fun in open.
Rant over.


i agree with the AWD and RWD statement, but the cars… nah just improve at the game! people using these cars usually mind their own buisness and try to get PB’s or in some cases, WR’s.

No need to ban the cars in my opinion. We just need custom drifting and lobbies separated by drivetrain. I made a thread about this a few months ago that I think sums up a lot of the issues with DA.

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You had me until you decided to insult people.

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You still need to be good at drifting to get any advantage with the “op” cars and even then its not that much. I use the the new totoyta 86 for s1 900 and i keep up with the cdf team who all use those lame cars. But i want to win in style and not with a ugly looking willys jeep :blush: