Cars that are the same... but different!

I just noticed that the MG Metro 6R4 in FM6 is the model year 1986 250 hp roadgoing homologation version, while FH2 has the model year 1984 410 hp Group B rally version.

Also, the Aston Martin V12 Zagato in FM6 is right-hand-drive, MY2012, and does not have the race version aero parts available, while the same car in FH2 is left-hand-drive, MY2011, has the race aero available, and has the race digital display on the dash. I recall seeing someone talking about being unable to import a livery for this car from FH2 to FM6. Now I understand why.

Has anyone noticed any other cars that look familiar to Forza veterans… until you look closer?

Edit: The Ferrari 458 Speciale is 2013 in FM6 and 2015 in FH2.
Edit 2: The Lamborghini Urus is 2012 in FH2, and 2014 in FM6… which frankly makes no sense since the concept was made in 2012 and the production version hasn’t arrived yet.

If they have the newer models in FH2, like the 458S, why not put them into FM6?

Or why not put both?

Although not correctly named as such in the game, the Maserati Ghibli S in FM6 is actually the Ghibli S Q4 (AWD version). It does have the Q4 badge on the rear. In FH2 / FF the Ghibli S was the RWD version.