Cars - Renault Megane R26R (FM2023)

Drive a R26 (non-R) daily, so fancied checking out the car in detail. I didn’t expect to make such a long list :sweat_smile:

Here is a smallish list of all the accuracy issues I’ve found with it - rather than actually play the game :rofl::

-CF bonnet should be black not kevlar
-All of inside of bonnet should be CF too
-CF should not be on mirrors or B pillar
-Mirror housing and DLO mismatching colour, all plastics should be same black
-RS side scuttles should be silver not CF kevlar with silver text
-Mud flaps aren’t standard, they look aftermarket
-Coolant tank is missing or just painted white (car colour)
-Blue body colour BIW when boot lifted (seems to be happening on several cars)
-Interior trim should be semi gloss/matte black, rather than glasslike reflections
-Steering wheel detail modelled scaling is way off
-R26 embroidered logo on steering wheel shouldn’t be blue
-Steering wheel stitch shouldn’t be duo tone (and definitely not blue)
-Dial cluster needles should be red
-Engine temperature is too high, and still high when engine is off (makes sense as the coolant tank is missing from the engine bay)
-Shouldn’t have a stubby aerial
-Brembo brake decals should be facing the centre, not away


-Default Alloy wheels don’t paint correctly
-Normals issue on inner lip of alloy wheel? Looks weird

Does this issue still persist after recent updates? Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?