Cars - McLaren P1 2013 - Model missing door components (1750293)

For McLaren P1 2013.
When I open the left door (driver side), found out the door hinges missing some components.
Refer to the right passenger door.

Wow! I wonder how you spotted it? Have you seen too many McLarens in reals life? :slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile: I only seen Mclaren P1 once in real life at Goodwood Speed Festival 2021.
I have loved this car for a long time, so I often watch various videos about McLaren P1 and drive it in games.

About how I found out the model issue. Due to love this car, I often enjoy it repeatedly in the Forzavista.

Pray these model error T10 can be fixed. :crossed_fingers:

Lucky you! I always wanted to see a McLaren in real life. I haven’t even seen it even on car shows.
But I got lucky and saw a couple of Lamborhinis in real life. This car is so low in real life. How do people even sit there?

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