Cars - Mclaren P1 2013 - Rear wing animation error (1592856)

In racing, the rear wing of Mclaren P1 has a wrong action after brake. (The wing has retracted) .

When I drive the Mclaren p1 and brake at a higher speed, the rear wing’s air brake animation is incorrect. It has such animation error at all track locations.
After the rear wing adjusting the angle and completing the air brake, the rear wing was mistakenly retracted into the car.

That’s an important feature on an important car.

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McLaren P1 rear wing BUG video

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The spoiler on the mclaren p1 does not seems to be behaving properly when slowing down and then accelerating again as it appears to suddenly drop into the body of the car and then raise up again, the spoiler should only stay in the body of the car when moving slowly and be extended when driving fast and should stay up even when breaking for corners

Yep. The spoiler is not extending and retracting the way it’s supposed to at different speeds and while braking.

Also, the sound on both the P1s is dreadful! Weak and tiny and inaccurate as well.

This has been a thing in all Forza games since the P1 was introduced. Can’t remember if it was ever fixed.

I don’t seem to remember seeing any issues in FM 5, 6 or 7.

active aero anims are so messed up in this game, veyron aero is broken too, specially when breaking hard air brake works completely wrong, also divo wing is always at airbrake mode lol.

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Update 6 has not been fixed, will Update 7 have it?

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We are closing out this issue. The developers have noted this issue as Fixed as of Update 8 on 05.13.24

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