Cars - Lola T70 1969 - aero non functional/no downforce

Hello, the 1969 Lola T70 is borderline unusable at S1 for road/street.
This would not be an issue if we could drop it into A class like the GT40 or others, but we can’t, so the car is broken in its current state.

I believe the fix is simple.

The aero range currently goes to 2kg front, 5kg rear, which is laughable and must be a mistake. If it’s intentional. It’s a very poor choice.

I think changing it to 59kg front and 149kg rear (the same as 1970 ferrari 512 s) will solve all of the Lola’s issues and make a rewarding car to drive in a purist form, similar to aforementioned Ferrari.

Nothing else needs to be changed and it would improve the car immensely, making it more competitive, yet nowhere near meta.
This change would also make practically no difference to the offroad builds people like to use this car. It is a net positive and seemingly simple to implement, so I beg you to make my favourite car more bearable.

And while I’m here, I may as well ask please let us adjust track width too, the current stock stance is nothing like how the irl cars are setup, rear wheels in particular are far too deep in the wells.

Thank you.