Bug: 1969 Lola #6 Penske Sunoco T70 MKIIIB Downforce issue?

Not sure if this is actually a bug or if I need clarification on it. But it shows adjustable downforce unlocked. But it will not change from zero. Cannot slide it at all. The trouble is that at speed, it gets so light and floaty, it becomes not very fun to race for a full on race car.

Did you install the race rear wing?

It does not have Aero options listed.

Of note, see second picture. It has the single winglet of daytona. If it isn’t a bug with the downforce settings, it would be nice to get a downforce option that puts the second winglet on for racing on stuff that isn’t the banks of Daytona. Of note, that is also adjustable in the original car.

Edit: to explain above comment and second picture, just in case. The single sided winglet was during win at 24hr of daytona for the banks. Historically correct for that specific race, but could have second added for balanced downforce which would be apt for a free roam play with a balanced symetrically simulation and historically correct for the design which used it elsewhere outside of that one example.

+1 have noticed this as well

Hi, I was going to start a thread for this but noticed this one already exists, also this other thread https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst139809_Lola-Penske-Tuning.aspx

I love this car in Horizon 3, but I find it undriveable in Horizon 4, where the default suspension settings for many cars seem much softer.

As OP mentions, there are no aero upgrades available for the Lola, yet downforce slider bars look open (showing a value, not a padlock) but are not moveable.

I don’t have Horizon 3 open right now, but I’m sure in that game there were no downforce upgrades available either, but downforce sliders were adjustable by default.

If downforce options could be unlocked for this car, it might make it so much more enjoyable.

And its missing race gearbox too