Cars banned from time trials / leaderboards

I am very disappointed that Turn10 banned certain cars from time trials and leader boards without telling us which cars are banned. I first spent 10’s of thousands of $$$ and a lot of time building and tuning the Mini Cooper '65 only to find out none of my leaderboard times were being recorded. Then I next did the same with the Mazda RX3 and the same thing happened, it was not recording any of my fast times. How the hell am I supposed to know which cars I am allowed to use for official racing feats and not waste my time and money building them. Turn 10 sucks! They could have sent a message letting us know which cars that we should not waste our time and money on or REMOVE THE CARS IF THEY ARE GLITCHED, VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Don’t try out the glitch cars then!


All the OP is saying is that turn 10 should send people a message in the game telling people about the banned cars. He may not have known it was glitched at the time. Sometimes people miss things said in the forums.

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Or maybe they should fix the cars instead of banning cars and not telling people, then do a reset of the times then you still would get credit for the times and rivals beaten.

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When you’re 10 seconds faster than what you should be, that’s probably a good sign the car isn’t legit.



new people wont know they are 10 seconds faster that they should be. they will look at the leader boards, see which car is the best for that class and track and try to use and emulate that. they are compareing their performance to the leaderboards, not to their past experiences since they dont really have any. hes still drivers permit since 2008. he does not live and breath forza. all he is say is dont expect him to be psychic. not to post leaderboards saying basically “this is the way to do it” with no notice until after the fact that thats not actually how to do it. to treat people like they wont automatically know, because most of the non hardcore people really dont know.

how many times have you told people to watch those at the top of the leaderboards to see how to do it right, how to improve. and that is good advice until turn ten makes a mistake. the new people are just useing what seems like a good idea to improve. you cant blame new people for not knowing turn ten made a huge mistake they dont advertise. they should wipe the boards now rather than waiting so people aren’t misled. trying to emulate the leaderboards should be a good and valid way to improve.

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Dude, I am not new to Forza Racing and I know my ability. The forum driving rank “Driving Permit” is based on how many forum posts a person has and I have only posted a couple of times. As for racing I have been racing since Forza 2 and I consistently put up 1%-2% leaderboard times. Moreover, you are correct on my using those cars because they are leaderboard. And now I am triple pissed off since I just ran the Ford Lotus Cortina and apparently that is banned too. This is ridiculous … I dropped $100 for this game and I can not even participate in time trials or post my times in rivals using cars that I was able to use in Forza 5. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

Check the LBs first. If one car seems to be dominating (flavour of the week: Mazda RX3), it’s probably using the race diff + AWD cheat (especially lower-classes, E, D and C)

I like a bit of C/D racing and am finding this a bit of a spoiler in online/rivals . Is it me or did you used to be able to see if tune had a drivetrain swap before buying it? Maybe you can now. If so i’m a bit thick.

or you could jump on the forums and see that those certain cars have been banned from leaderboards within a week of release and there has been plenty of threads started about it

could always use the many other cars that arent glitched rather than choosing the obvious glitched ones

i just learnt another car was banned too…didnt know that the ford lotus cortina was banned as well as the other 4

Mini '65
Fiat X1/9
Abarth 595 esseesse
maxda mx3 …is this one actually banned though

Everything you need to know is here.

Seeing as the OP knows how to glitch the cars, stop doing it i.e. dont use RWD or AWD conversions.

The Mazda isnt banned, its still posting times and apparently running in lobbies.

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^ This.

I dont understand this discussions, Forza is the nicest Forza ever,
but its no finished game and full of bugs. Meanwhile the Game is
3 weeks out and no answer about patches.

This is the sad truth, People want to know whats going on to handle it.

Moderators and Turn10 learn this please and you rock

There are fixes and gameplay improvements coming on Tuesday, unfortunately you have to find this out for yourself by reading the rear view mirror, otherwise Turn10 wont tell you. Also they wont tell us what they are till Tuesday.