Cars - Aston Martin DB11 - Odd SPORT Springs & Dampers

The spring and damper upgrades are seriously strange in ride height, proportions and alignment on the Aston Martin DB11 in FH5.

They do not match the car’s alignment and ride height like other cars in FH5

The sport springs and dampers supposed to lower the car slightly like they do on all other cars both in IRL and FH5 without affecting the car’s proportions and not slamming it to the ground.

There is almost literally no difference in the car’s ride height and wheel alignment between the Sport and Race springs and dampers.

One is supposed to slightly lower the car without normally affecting the alignment. The other is a race suspension that is supposed to be the most lowest ride height (after drift springs) while negatively altering the front and rear wheel camber to allow for race upgrades and cornering stability.

The DRIFT suspension is supposed to be the lowest and the RALLY suspension is to be highest in ride height…

For strange reasons, the sport suspension looks extremely odd here! And the difference between SPORT and RACE is only 0.5 cm?

Please fix this visual/suspension upgrade bug as soon as possible. Tuning settings do not fix the weird suspension alignment, ride height and proportion.

It is truly disappointing that this car cannot be driven without its STOCK suspension since the SPORT Springs and Dampers are messed up.

Please review the suspension upgrades on the 2017 AM DB11 - and please correct the SPORT damper ride height and alignment to naturally lower the car like it usually does on other vehicles in FH5.