Career mode not specifying the type of cars aloud in races

I feel like upgrading your car isn’t nessasary at all in this game. When choosing races in career mode, it gives you suggested cars(with upgrades already installed). So I don’t get to upgrade my cars between races to get an edge. I didn’t buy the forza 5 demo, but I did have previous forza games. You would always start with a terrable car that you would get to put money into and continue races through different classes. This makes me feel like I should have to buy already complete cars, in other words why do I care about the car I’m driving if someone else built it.

Btw. I can’t beleive I’m the only person saying this…

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There is a fairly easy way around this. If you look through the cars that are acceptable for the race, and then just go buy it out of the “Find Cars” area, then you can modify it however you want. Just make a note of what PI is acceptable for the race, as some of them are mid class instead of the top PI for the class. I just use the event car list to tell me which ones are acceptable to use, then go buy the one I want to use myself outside of the event. Yes it seems broken to do it like that, but it isn’t all that hard. Hope that helps.

No, you’re not. I posted something about this and there was another thread earlier today on the same topic. You could see the car and class restrictions in FM4. Why this was taken out I’ll never know.

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While it’s definitely more of an inconvenience than FM4, it’s not a deal breaker necessarily. Another easy way around it is to just buy the car from the race menu, already upgraded, and then back out and manually upgrade it yourself after clearing the pre-installed upgrades. Money isn’t really an issue with FM6, and that eliminates the step of finding the car and buying it from the “dealership.”

Well, I wish they would make the game like forza 4 then… the whole point of playing driving sims for me was to buy and upgrade the cars after each race. I hope they just put an option in to disable auto upgrades. The auto upgrade “feature” just takes all of the fun out of the game. It’s still fun to drive around, but unfortunately if I had known they turned this into an arcade game I would have waited a year and paid $20 for it, not $100.

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You’re not the only one. Most people find this odd.

I 100% agree it was one of the things I enjoyed the most now it’s gone and it’s a hassle to upgrade a car then go to race and it’s too upgraded… every race should have very clear restrictions so I can adjust accordingly. But like other games now it seems it’s been dumbed down for the retards who just want to mash buttons!


It does tell you the restrictions, I cant remember how and I cant check because im no where near my xbox but I saw it and upgraded my car accordingly. Check the info at the bottom of the screen it msy be fown there that it comes up press x or something for restrictions.

Maybe it doesnt happen till a later session of races but it happens, of that much im sure.

It’s getting really frustrating to pick a car, go ahead and get it tuned up and then find out that it’s illegal for a series, and that’s when it finally tells me what the maximum point total allowed is. I think I’m probably missing something here. Has anyone found a way to check the series as you start it to see the maximum PI for a car so you can properly upgrade and tune it prior to starting. Thanks guys!

Well after screwing around a bit I finally figured out the answer to my own question. When you start a new series and it brings you into the Select car option that will put you into your garage if you have a car thats eligible that you can pick. If you select ‘buy car’ it will show you a whole bunch of cars that you can buy and they will have automatic upgradeds to the point total that is maximum for that category. That way if you’re going to buy a car separately and do your own upgrades you know where to stop.

Ya, it’s not very intuitive, but you can fairly easily see what the class is for a series by the method you described.

Windswept, you might be thinking of Rivals mode where you push X (I think) to see restrictions.

Overall, I like the game, but there are definitely a few little annoying things about it. It could have been polished up a bit more before release. Compared to FM5 at launch, this game is a masterpiece though. lol

Rxan, “allowed”

I wondered for several minutes why you would want the car type to be specified “aloud”. I was thinking “isn’t it enough to have it displayed? Why does it need to be spoken?”

You want to know which car types are ALLOWED! Your post makes sense now!

Spelling matters.

No, i was sure theres something similar in career, I was going into buy car too just to see which cars were eligible so maybe I picked it up there as well. I did make some tunes for the cars I used in career and labled them as such because they arent at the top of their class.

Lol! It didn’t even register that I wrote aloud… Lol
+1 for good English.

Thank you for the post, but what about body style restrictions, and drivetrain restriction(rw, mid, fw) I do see the pi restrictions, but not the other restrictions.