Car Type: Monster Trucks

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Car Type: Monster Trucks

FH5 does not have a standard drivable car type for Monster Trucks outside of the Buggy and the Beast Showcase Event and Hot Wheels Expansion: History of Speed Chapter 5 - Hot Wheels Today. This topic would be to vote for that car type and related models to be added to the game as obtainable and drivable models.

I’ve been begging on forums for years for the team to give us Grave Digger, Bigfoot, or some kind of monster truck for years, and once I saw that Bone Shaker was going to be in the game, I was absolutely BEYOND thrilled. You can imagine my disappointment, as well as many others, when I found out that it’s only usable for a few minutes. The truck was designed and drives way too realistically to only be usable inside the showcase event.

We should be able to purchase, customize, and drive the Boneshaker monster truck outside of the showcase event.

It would also be an amazing idea to also bring Bigfoot the monster truck, as well as a few other monster trucks into the game considering Hotwheels has the Hotwheels Monster Trucks Live tour, which includes the Bigfoot, Boneshaker, Tiger Shark, Demo Derby, Mega Wrex, V8 Bomber, Race Ace, and Gunkster monster trucks.

At the very least we should get Bigfoot the monster truck, with some added customization options for both trucks like coloring the rims, beadlock rings, chassis, shock towers, four links, tie rods, axle housings, and our own liveries on the bodies.
As well as possibly some different monster truck tires like Goodyear’s, Firestones, and BKT’S with the ability to color the tires and place liveries on the sidewalls of the tires. Maybe even some customizable plexiglass sponsor boards that go on the sides of the chassis. I think different exhausts for the trucks would also be a great idea as there are multiple different exhaust types with monster trucks.

To that note, if the team agrees that it would be a a good idea, something to think about would be an entire Hotwheels Monster Trucks Live DLC with all the trucks HWMTL runs at their shows in their own category, with maybe a stadium on the map with obstacles like crush cars, dirt jumps, backflip ramps (NOT the backflip ramps from the showcase event) stoppie ramps, and smashable dynamic objects like RV campers. This would also be a great idea for the many monster truck fans, with the inclusion of making our own maps in the creator with placable obstacles mentioned previously.

I think it’s also important to think of the implications beyond being able to just drive the monster trucks. The artists in the Forza community are incredible at what they do and there’s already thousands of people asking for the truck to be in the game and hundreds of artists customizing different cars and trucks with liveries in the game to look like real life monster trucks like Bigfoot, Grave digger, and lots of others. Plus it would be interesting to see people who aren’t as interested in monster trucks come up with incredible ideas for designs. This also allows people who ARE fans of monster trucks to design liveries to customize and make other real life trucks or custom designs for those monster trucks.







I know you can drive it at the end of the buggy and the beast showcase but I’d like to own it so you can drive, race, customise and have fun with it.


I know it wouldn’t work well to allow them in races and I will freely admit to strongly disliking yet another Hot Wheels themed vehicle, but the driving physics for a monster truck are already in FH5. It would be a lot of fun if we could have something like this to own, upgrade and modify if for no other reason than driving around in free roam. They could be fun for Horizon Arcade events, too.

If it was a matter of getting licenses then what about providing one or a few normal vehicles which we could then upgrade into monster variants? It could be offered as a bodykit mod like the existing offroad lift kits. Or maybe a special Forza Edition vehicle?

I still miss the Regalia D. It was different, it was fun.

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Smart ForFun2


Hot Wheels Bone Shaker Monster Truck(ingame but not drivable except for the showcase)

The first monster truck will fit in with forza

(the Gmc jimmy is already large enough to be called an monster truck so this will fit too)