Car Pass DLC Question

Is there a way to download all the cars at once and have them added to the garage automatically or do I have to buy them one by one in the car store? It’s becoming rather tedious since I just got the game and it’s driving me nuts buying all these cars one by one.

And is there a way for the paint selection to automatically go to stock colors instead of new designs?

Yeah you have to pick them up one by one, but they don’t cost any ingame credits when you buy the season pass.

no and yes

Would you be willing to elaborate?

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how do you change the default from designer previews, if you wouldn’t mind helping me out? I just picked up the game today, I’ve only done the first introduction race.

I’m a veteran, and even I’M wondering what he is talking about. As far as I have been aware, there is no way to change which page (paint option or player-created liveries) is displayed first by default. When buying a car, you CAN press the Y button on the liveries page to go to the paint colors page. To go back to Liveries, you have to press the B button.

To get the regular colors on your cars just hit “Y” when the recommended designs menu pops up. This will bring you to a list of the manufacturer colors for the car. Also, hitting the right and left bumpers will switch between “Normal” “manufacturer” and “special” paint colors.

Yeah, we all know that. But what OP asked is is there any way to go STRAIGHT to paint colors BY DEFAULT instead of the liveries page.

No, there isn’t. Why would you wanna do that? Take your time, don’t buy all at once, as they say. BTW, you’re not ACTUALLY downloading the cars if you already have the car packs downloaded, which I’m assuming you do. You’re just adding them to the garage. If you download one car from a pack, all the others in that pack should be message-free. So, in theory, you should only be getting 7 dialogs that tell you it is downloading the required car pack.

Also, taking your time means you get to know which cars are needed for particular career races, and if you don’t like the way one of the cars handles, and sell it, only to find out you require it for a race, you will need in-game credits since you already used up that car’s free pricing.

As for designs, I dunno how to switch the default to actual paint colors instead of the player-made liveries. As other have said, I guess it is possible, but nobody is elaborating, as if everyone assumes we know how to go to paint colors by default instead of designs. Sounds like we stumbled onto something top-secret that only the best of the best of Forza 5 are allowed to know… lol.

buy a car and race it. you can buy cars later. i saved most of my car buying for when the servers were down and i couldn’t do anything online. and buying every car including ones you are not going to use is a mistake i made. it just makes it harder/take longer to scroll to the car you want. it can make it a pain racing the timer to get the car and the tune you want loaded on it between races. i haven’t even used over half the cars i have even once and i’m over level 700. if you aren’t going to use a car i would recommend not getting it. the “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it” theiry just creates alot of needless clutter. and if you do need it later it only takes a few seconds to buy it. watch one of those hording shows. having to much just gets in the way and makes life harder not easier. dont put something in the way so you just gotta spend the rest of the game working around it.

i regret getting every car so soon. they are just in the way. they slow me down getting to what i do want. eventually i might drive them, but i could have eventually bought them too and wouldn’t have to be scrolling past then every darn lobby. my greed made me stupid, it cause me more work. it causes me more time in the menues and less time on the track. it was a mistake.

hit the y button for manufacture pains. when you want to know how to do something always look at the bottom of the screen. it usually shows you what button, trigger, bumper. stick, or what ever to choose the different options.

OP was asking if there was a way to semi-permanently change it so that Manufacturer Paints/Special Paints/Etc displays first instead of the Recommended Designs; Basically, it so we don’t HAVE to press Y to get there…

As for the rest of your post, RDO, i totally agree. they just get in the way from what you’re really looking for.

Well, I’m not particularly fond of racing games, and I bought this one for my son.

I bought this one because he had been playing Asphalt 8: Airborne on our Amazon FireTV but it’s hard to get new cars in that game and it’s laden with micro-transactions. I figured with this, I could buy the car pass and he’d have access to a large variety of vehicles instantly.

So far it’s going good, it’s just that it was a pain to download all the cars, the list is astronomical and the user interface is counter intuitive. There really should be a way to have these cars automatically sent to your garage. If you don’t want all the cars then why would you spend $50 on the car pass?

The car pass is an optional thing. Think of it as a season pass to your favorite baseball team’s home games. Its much cheaper than buying each game individually, it’s the same with the Car pass. You get 6 months of car packs for a lower price than you would have if you bought each pack individually. I don’t remember the prices of the car packs or the car pass, but the first time we had a car pass, it was intended to be a cheaper and quicker way to get the car packs.

As for the cars, most of us just like having the cars available to drive. While it sucks that we can’t drive ANY car anymore even if it’s not in our garage, even in multiplayer, where my dad has NO cars in his garage, in previous Forza Motorsport games, he was still able to pick and choose any car he wanted; Now he cant choose anything and I’m restricted to driving whatever car class he’s driving to make it fair for both of us.

No one is forcing you to buy the entire car packs; Turn 10 (the game developers) have been offering individual cars, too. If you like just one car, as long as it’s not the most “premium” car in that pack, you can just get that car or a selection of individual cars. If NONE of the cars spark your (or your son’s) interest, then you don’t have to even by anything from that month.

As for Asphalt 8, I love that game, it has lots of cars that Forza Motorsport has not yet put into the game. There are no necessary microtransactions. The game is FREE, FREE, FREE. Micro-transactions are for lazy people. I have spent hundreds of races in Race 1 of season 1 racking up money to buy cars because that particular race, Nevada, had the most money payout for winning until Season 6 is unlocked. They pay you 1000 credits just for winning that Nevada race, all other races in that season were less than 320 credits for winning.

because you find out the hard way after its too late. if i played as much as i used to i would seriously delete over half my cars. even back when payouts were half of what they are now by the time you needed another car you had more than enough credits to buy it. its was a pain to go thu all those cars to buy them? exactly. only now you get to go thu all those cars every time you want to change cars.

think of it like going to a grocery store. they have tons of stuff, most of which you dont use. you still have to go past the stuff you aren’t going to use to get to what you are going to use. it would save alot of time if all the stuff you weren’t going to use right then was out of the way. you only use one car at a time. its like going to the grocery store every time when you could have went to a convenience store that had exactly the same item you wanted without nearly as much other stuff in the way. do you really want something you are never going to use? i once had a chance to get 20 snow shovels for free. i didn’t take them. i live in phoenix and dont feel like walking around 20 shovels every time just to get to my car. what if it snows some day? i’ll buy a snow shovel then, grab a box of salt or something. i’m probably going to die of old age without needing a snow shovel. the chances of me needing useing a snow shovel is about the same as you useing all those cars. all those snow shovels would have done is cause me more work.

the reason you didn’t really want all those cars is the reason you already gave. it become a pain to go thu them all every time. and i dont even have the car pass thank god. i would probably be bald by now. patience is not my strongest trait. i’m more of an instant gratification person. i want it all and i want it now, the same as you. until after i got it all and realized my hording was really just clutter making it harder to get to what i really wanted, from the car i was actually going to use. hopefully they release a patch later where you can have different garage lists custom sorted so you can put the cars you actually use in a separate garage to reduce the time spent in menues. “be careful what you wish for because you might get it” really is true.