Car pass cars available without purchase?

So a buddy of mine decided to give Hoizon a full on try since the standard version is available in Game Pass. Cool beans! Always good to have another player enjoy a great franchise.

However over the past several weeks, he has been able to claim FREE CARS every now and then. They are not loyalty free cars - they are cars available in the Car Pass, that many of us PAID extra for.

He seems to be able to grab them for free in the Autoshow usually 2 or 3 weeks after I get them on the day of release.

For instance, today I just got the 911 Sport. He was browsing through the autoshow as well and noticed he could get the FXX-K and the TT RS for free in the Autoshow.

SO my question is simple - WHY?? Obviously good for him that he is somehow getting access to them, but F@*% Me then for paying extra REAL MONEY to have access to them.

Can someone please explain to me why I OVER PAID for my game?? I DEMAND A REFUND!

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The controller DLC car also was given out to people for free (not all, but many). It’s cheating the paying customers.

It seems like a registration bug of some sort. A friend of mine got access to every DLC (can even use the Controller Ford Coupe) after buying the treasure map. So Gamepass + treasure map (~3 €) got him more access than I have for 100 €.
Great for the players affected and not surprising in this bug-riddled software but I understand your anger.

Problem is MS CloudGaming…
U need GamePass (and some paid content?) for it…

-Open XBox App
-Goto GamePass (top left)
-In middle select CloudGaming
-Connect Controller
-Select FH5 and start via cloud gaming
-Wait for sync
-Enjoy your new content (emote, tshirt, …) ;D

or play via phone/tablet

Or they started to copy uplay+ with the subscription u get access to every dlc/addon item

Didnt work for me.

I’ve got FH5 via Gamepass and the Ultimate add ons. Have been playing since pre order release on the Series X. I did notice before Christmas I had the Treasure Map unlocked which I never paid for.

I’ve gone on to Cloud gaming on my One X for the very 1st time on FH5 and no Emote or Tshirt. The Tshirt is completely hidden and the Emote says you must own the content. The Ford Coupe FE I found 1 on the AH and wouldn’t let me buy again because of not owning the content. The car was still available to buy so wasn’t the case of being sold already.

Can’t comment on whether Car Pass cars are available as I own that DLC already.

So did you unlock the Tshirt and Emote this way?

Maybe submit a support ticket.

For what? To kill MS Cloud Gaming? MS unlocks everything not PGG


The ppl above use the paid version not the gamepass one.
If they start their game ms store checks for licenses so it unlocks only the stuff they own. For GamePass/Cloud MS unlocks everything (no idea why).
To have same stuff unlocked u can’t play with your paid version and to use the gamepass version u can simply play via mobile/cloud gaming and it unlocks missing stuff in your paid version too

Sweet, jumped onto cloud gaming on the pc via xbox app and got the Ford Coupe FE and a couple of emote things (which will be ignored).

I have gamepass ultimate and paid for the vip shiz stuff on top for FH5.

Thanks for the tip!

Out of interest how did you get it working as didn’t work via Cloud gaming on the Xbox One X.

Great. So the game gives content to people who haven’t paid for it. The game takes content away when it wants, too, so it removed my NSX-R GT from Series 0, and am I going to get a replacement from the devs? No.

@Flexman Esq

I got it to work.

Xbox One X cloud streaming didn’t work.
PC Xbox App cloud streaming didn’t work.
Android phone App cloud streaming WORKED.

Soon as booted into the festival site pop up saying Tshirt and Emote added, then car added to the garage.

Now to go and sync up my Series X game and hope I get no sync issues and loose it all.

Well it works kinda.

Ive synced back to my Series X and the only thing that works is the Emote. The Tshirt has disappeared and the car can only be removed from garage as it comes up saying its DLC.

So in theory while it worked the car is only going to be available via Cloud Streaming it seems.

Yup, only works for me within cloud streaming. Does exactly the same as you encountered with the car. Unsure about clothing \ emotes bit.

Emote works and is unlocked fully, and works as I’ve used it and seen it on the results screen. Tshirt you can equip it in cloud streaming and it did seem to stay once back on my Series X but I went to character creation straight away and the Tshirt sort of vanished. So potentially could wear it and it may stay until you go into the character creation screen.

Car definitely doesn’t work outside of streaming as I got into it via streaming then when synced back up to my Series X I was driving the Toyota Supra 2020.

Paying for GamePass is paying for the game…

Yeah it loads your paid version then (not the gamepass version) and checks licenses for it.

But it’s not buying the controller DLC, yet people get it without buying that.

It’s a pretty shocking thing to have happen. Anyone who bought that DLC is now a schmuck sucker.

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What you don’t understand from all this good sir. These bonuses are only available if you play Cloud Gaming,if you switch back to your PC or Console,you cannot benefit from them.It is probably made to encourage more players on the Cloud since they have none…I don’t see any issue there

I can understand that paying for GamePass is “paying” for the game, it’s the Standard version you are “paying” for, and NOT the extra items like Car Pass in your GamePass membership. Yet people are receiving Car Pass vehicles with their standard GamePass edition of the game.

This defeats the purpose of paying $99 for the game to get “exclusive” content, among other things.

The emote is the coolest part of that controller DLC in opinion haha. Ridiculous that people can access exclusive content without paying for it, even if it disappears again. Maybe I’ll just try the next DLC before I buy it too. Yeah… that’s not gonna fly. Fix it.

There is a “new” team working on ms store. They added new design and i’m sure they are able to fix these things.
Same for cloudgaming (beta-stage)

People who paid for the controller are able to use the content everywhere without issues. Its not that easy for gamepass ppl :wink:
Scroll and read its already here car is useless for these ppl
And CarPass was free in fh4 via gamepass ultimate perks