Car mastery/progression system

Hello world!

It would be great to have a car progression system, from Common to Legendary by actually using the car, instead of car being a certain rarity permanently.

When buying or being rewarded with a new car, it could be a Common car (maybe, it could be also Rare or Epic, depending on the car class/price/historical appearance, but it should not be Legendary, so players would have some space to pregress).
Then you are progressing it by performing following actions:

  • participating in races (gives low progression);
  • winning the races (gives higher progression);
  • customizing the car;
  • collecting skill points and doing;
  • other…

Once you are reaching the next car class (Common to Rare, or Epic to Legendary), the car Mastery options are updated with a new beneficial skills.
These skills should stimulate the player to use this exact car, because it will help the player to get better rewards.
What could be the better rewards:

  • XP multiplier (either for online or offline gamemodes);
  • Credits multiplier;
  • Other…

I personally think, that such system will help players to have a stronger bond with their favorite cars, since it would be more rewarding to drive your favorite car (which is mastered), than driving some sort of meta/high performance cars.

Important note:
Car mastery/progression should not affect the actual driving performance of the car, so players don’t have to grind in order to just put an performance/visual upgrades to their cars.

Also, the game should reward the players for mastering of multiple cars from their collection.
For example, there could be a reward/accolade, which will be given by mastering of X amount cars, or X amount of cars of the same class/type (like, it would be great to receive a rare/hard to find muscle car after mastering of multiple other muscles).

Regarding the playlist rewinteresting option, if playlist reward cars will be pre-mastered to a certain degree (to Rare of Epic), so you have a slight advantage by winning this car.
But you should be still able to purchase the same car (but with lower Rarity class) from the autoshow.