Car History / Nope, NO Cheaters In This Game! lol

So, I was looking at my “General Stats” and noticed an oddity in the first page.

Most Successful Car = Bugatti Divo

That is strange as I have never drove that car … but, I did buy it out of the auction house.

So, I went to the garage to look at the history of this car … omg, to funny!

So, not only have the cheaters infected the racing and auction house, now they affect the history of a car and your stats if you do happen to get 1 of their cars!!

I sold this car in the auction minutes later.
I took another car out on the road for a quick spin and went back home and the my “General Stats” are now correct.

Have fun looking at this nonsense!
And nope, there are no cheaters in this game at all :wink:


Thanks for that Lady L.

It is getting to the point where nothing surprises me with regards to FH5.
FH5 is the gift that consistently gifts serious 'bug’gery. More bugs than a ‘Men In Black trilogy box-set’… and then some extra 'roaches for good measure.

lol more bugs than a GATOR SWAMP. just read about a new bug where in some races the AI starts the race in REVERSE lol i mean WOWEE. nothing surprises me anymore.

I had that once very early on. Possibly even Series 0. Some of the real players desynched as well.

While those stats do seem suspicious especially number of owners etc Car stats in FH5 have the same traits as FH4 which is basically bugged and completely incorrect.

Example on my 2nd account I play on, my total drive time on my stats is 28 hours and 1840 miles driven. Yet just 1 of my cars which im the original owner is 83 hours driven and 6,013 miles. So I’ve driven the car longer and further than my entire game history.

Car stats are completely bugged and it was the same as in FH4.

Try this out and you will 100% see.

Find a car that you have never ever driven in the game so all stats for that car are zero. Drive another car around for a few minutes then return to your house/festival site. Switch to the zero stat car straight away do nothing else. Check the stats of your zero stat car, and you will find that you have time driven and mileage stats already.

Edit: In the space of about 30 minutes my BMW M2 Formula Drift now has increased to 88 hours driven and 6,352 miles.

In FH5 I had a McLaren 720s from the auction house with the same stats. Also in FH4 I ran across a Ferrari 812sf with the same. It is what it is.

Edit: I’ve seen time and mileage stats jump when pausing the game. Almost a billion owners though… ?

Well this explains why my favorite car is a “Hoonigan” even though I’ve never really driven that type before.

The stats are mad. In Horizon 4 I’ve allegedly driven the Audi S1 (the barmy rally car) over 12,000km when I’ve barely touched it. I did a survey of all the cars in the game because I wanted to find out what my top ten were. I got complete nonsense instead. I thought it might be down to losing all my progress in FH4 in December last year, but…

I had to buy the car for the first weekly challenge in Horizon 5 and wanted to check to see how far I’d driven it after about 10-15 minutes of ownership and driving. Apparently, I’d already been driving the car for 44 minutes by that stage. I must’ve blacked out for a time.