Car Control between Forza 5 and 6

Hi all,
There seems to be a noticeable difference to the way the cars handle and drive between Forza 5 and 6, is this due to better advancements in technology, AI etc… being a little more towards how the car really handles?
I am struggling a bit to keep the cars on the track, especially into the corners, over steer and understeer and car sliding easily, tyres screeching on most corners.
I am driving the VF Holden V8 Supercar with the same assists for both games and it handles a lot easier in Forza 5 than 6, also the car in Forza 5 is an R851 with a top speed of 318 kmph but in Forza 6 it is an R850 with a top speed of only 280kmph, big difference.
Are there any optimal settings for the controller? or is it up to the individual to adapt to the game?
The game does look great I have to say, the graphics and detail are awesome, especially the wet weather, very nice.
Thanks for any advice. appreciate it.

The two games do handle differently. I think Forza 6 is much, much better than Forza 5 however and that in 6 the cars behave well, are communicative, and easier to drive.

Try checking your controller settings and the advanced section.

On the note of over- and under- steer, I have noticed a sudden, snap oversteer in a lot of cars I have driven HOWEVER this is ONLY when I stream FM6 to my Windows 10 laptop and therefore I believe it’s due to a minor input delay, lag, or the controller inputs registering longer than I am using them due to streaming and not the actual behavior of the car itself.

I’d say FM6 handles closer to real-world. FM5 was a simulation that felt like one: it was fairly accurate, and good fun, but it was like driving in a laboratory. FM6 feels more natural.

It’s more “this is what a car might do” and less “this is what the maths say the car would do” (tuning bugs notwithstanding).

are you mad,lol

no car i have ever driven understeers like the cars on this game, i tested the golf in this game as i owned one for years and i can tell you now they have got the grip so wrong in this game.

it was easy to throw the gold on road tyres around corners at 50mph without a worry yet on this game try to do that and the cars slides in a straight line till you nearly stop, put race tyres on and its the same story, they have gone to arcade physics in this version and after pcars it feels very very bad.

6 versions of the game and they still cant get grip levels right when pcars did it in 1 try.

they are just lucky pcars suffers bugs as it does as forza would be dead, this is the game turn 10 says they have been working towards for 10 years, epic fail.


I think the cars handle way better on 6 like what was said above its feels closer to the real thing.
I noticed that 4WD cars seem to drive a little better on 6 as well i find you can also compensate much more for understeer in most cars ive driven and tuned.
Also on a lot of tracks there’s a little to a lot of elevation changes on track which seem to play a big part in the game so braking early down hill and breaking later up hill can also work in your favour. Correcting for understeer and oversteer is also much to do with throttle response more then anything else. I think Jenson Button (Maclean F1) said recently “there’s no such thing as a perfect lap”. but that may have something to do with the rotten luck that McLaren has had this year.
It still a young game and most people are making silly mistakes still so practice is key in my honest opinion.
Try tuning cars to meet your needs.
I’m sure you’ll get it in the end. Best of luck.

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It’s too difficult to handle MOST of the cars with the controller and no aids (I’m talking about the same cars I drove in FM5). It wasn’t like this in previous games!!! Now I suck online, it’s completely different! No balance even with the good setups by tuners I’ve always followed.

Only assists i use are ABS and no clutch, but that’s due to damage to left hand. My braking control isn’t as good as it used to be. But apart from that the cars drive fine for me. Maybe you need to use a little more finesse with the controls?
I know after my accident i was jamming the brakes and spinning out lots. Put ABS on and it helped massively. Look at the telemetry while driving to see if you’re overdoing it with the controls.

Thanks for the feedback everyone,all your responses are true about the 2 games,i jumped on the game today and made a concious effort to simply slow down a bit and lelax with the controller and enjoy the game, made a huge difference…even in the wet! (Dont have to win every race!)
Comming into the corners slower and smoother and accelerating gently on the way out of the corner i am actually being more competitive (and faster) and really enjoying the game!
Slow is Fast!

Like I posted earlier I really think it depends on the car you are driving. The track toys in FM6 are just nonsense as is the F1 car or oval racing in the Indycars. The V8 supercars oversteer like hell as many other cars. I play many simulation games on PC with a wheel and other driving games with a pad since many years and to me the difference between cars I FM6 at the moment simply feels totally erratic. Some cars have a good driving model and are great fun and “feel” realistic. Some cars are just nonsense. They were already oversteering a bit too much in FM5 and now it’s just way too much.

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I’m not getting understeer except where i expect to. Are you using controller or wheel?

Using a Controller.
The big lap time differences between players would have to be due to players using Wheels and Pedals against a Controller user. Would that be right?
As I mentioned above, I have slowed myself down and am enjoying it greatly with all the Cars I am driving, even my favourite the V8 Supercars.
Some of the cars handle like pigs and are absolute garbage when you try them for the first time. But that is what the fun of the game is about, find your favourites and enjoy!

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I’d definatley go to your controller settings and the advanced section like was mentioned, i hotlapped on Nuremberg GP (short track) last night with no assists or ABS in the rain in C class and hit Rank one in the world and i also use a controller, I do agree the cars feel a little different on this one but i think they are a lot better.

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I think the cars don’t feel so much understeery as they do heavy. The cars feel liked they’re gripping the roads. 5 was awful for the cars feeling floaty. At least to me anyway. They feel much more planted in 6. Which some people may be taking as understeery maybe?
I know some cars do understeer, but it seems for me, that it’s the ones i expect to. Like my Evo 10 which as an AWD missile. Of course it’s going to understeer on entry, but slowest in/fastest out seems to be the way to treat her. lol
I think people will adjust to the new physics in time, it’s just a case of slowing into corners a little earlier, and shooting out. :slight_smile:

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I think your confusing understeer with steering lock.

No, no i’m not.

Dont understand why your having trouble with f6…its soooo much easier than 5!


No trouble now…as I mentioned above, have adapted to the advances from game 5 to 6.
Another query to the great people on this game forum ,as I mentioned above, the Australian V8 Supercar at Bathurst has the capability of reaching the 300 km an hr mark, I only get to 280 km and that’s it and the change of gear from 5th to 6th is virtually nothing…no further upgrades available.

Will this be the capacity of this we know?
Loving the game, it is awesome. Just a query.

Cars handle nothing like real world, I truly think your mad to believe that either that or you’ve never driven a real car.

I’ve just driven the F40 equipped with race tyres on an asphalt race track and it was sliding around bends at 30/40 mph, not corners but bends, there is no way this would happen in real life.

The game is fun I’m really enjoying it but to compare a lot of these cars grip physics to real life is seriously not correct.

I noticed that the cars are way more sensitive to gear changes at the corner entry. The gear changes upset the cars balance and you get massive oversteer and the car starts sliding. On one point that is realistic, but when driving with auto shifting, you have no control over that. For me the game feels like there is way too less mechanical grip throughout the tires…

Its always been a debate whether forza simulates real life or not lol, but its much better than Fm5 so I’ll take it

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