Car Classes and PI

Seems to me a lot of cars (even more than before) cannot reach the top of their class. Anything near the bottom of S class and the things at the top of A are going to be pretty underwhelming and forced out of their normal role. The group B cars like the RS2000 for example cant make it with dirt tires, defeating the whole point of a rally car. Myabe a new car class at 850 or 849 is needed?

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Forza Motorsport have the E class, FH5 need this extra class in order to reduce the difference between each class because now its ridiculous

Very sure!

Since FH3 the PI classes of some of the cars do not match their previous delivery… like what happened now with the Italian cars, that is; that instead of lowering the number of IP per class, it increases even to a higher class. Example; Lancia HF Evo '92… since FH2, 3 and 4, this car has been a class “c” but now it’s only in class “b”: B|602. How is this possible?

And as you well mention, there are many other cars that will not reach the top of their class, that is; if in class S2 a car has a PI of 917, for example… it’s obvious that it won’t reach the top of this class which would be 998. As with class “d” cars. There are cars that, no matter how many improvements are added, do not rise above PI 100. It is even necessary to add “sports or racing” type tires to this car.

So here my suggestion…
There could be another class for D-class cars currently. For example, the Motorsport “Class E” which would go from PI 100 - 400 (Class E). Class D, PI 401 - 500. And now with the S2 class Class S2 PI 901 - 950(maybe…) “R” class PI 951 - 998 R-class as in Motorsport. And now with regard to what you mention, for example, the Ford RS2000… I think there should no longer be cars in PI for example from 01 - 15, maybe… that is; for example cars that have 808, 702, 610, etc. I think these cars should go down in class and be at the top of those that have gone down, I hope you understand! I know for a fact that this unbalances master builds, but that’s what the game is for, to get to a better balanced build. There has also been talk of restrictors like there are in FM7, but I see them as unnecessary since if you take into account that you will lower a car’s power to balance it in a lower class, there will be others with higher performance even if it is in its top class. For example, the McLaren 675lt that is above the s1 but very low in the s2, if we add a power restrictor it will not be balanced at the top of the s1 class since there are s1 class cars that tuned up to 850 hp and with good handling.