Car and Clothing Vouchers, Legacy Playlist

Just logged into the game today to get the notification that the servers were unavailable and the game was using the Legacy Season… and then a notification that i had recieved “Car voucher” and “Clothing voucher”…

I briefly checked out the Legacy playlist (Weekly challenge part 2 was Drive a Toyota 25 miles, then 9 stars drifting i think) and sure enough, i have 5 new cars, all the “Welcome pack” cars it seems.

Um… Thanks!

As soon as i load out into the map, the servers are definitely available as someone is in the pause menu next to me at the Festival site, and the Festival list is back to Season 2, so I’m very confused…

No message from the Community Team so i thought I’d check here…

Any ideas?

It is a known bug. Some other Non-Vip players have get that stuff too.

Don’t know exactly how PGG deals with that, if they take the stuff out of your wallet later on. Or already did that to the players who get that stuff but didn’t paid for that.

I don’t mean they want your money btw. they just delete the cars and vouchers or the items you bought with them from your account.

And be aware - the car bought with the voucher could not be sold in the auction house…:wink:

Yeah. It’s a bug. At some point, you won’t be able to use the VIP stuff. If you try, you’ll get a message to buy VIP.

Thanks for the heads up about the inability to sell on the AH…

I think i had the non-WP versions for those cars as well, so I’m not sure i would have used them much anyway. Especially as i have over 300 total cars by now.

I’ll enjoy them whilst they’re available i guess.