Are VIP and DLC pack cars only available on Sept 15th?

Went to in game marketplace, all these items shown ‘Installed’, but no cars listed in my garage. Also checked msg center, only got some divartar invitations.

Do I have to wait for the 15th?

Bonus cars from VIP, are GIFTED by Turn10.

We have EARLY ACCESS to the game, which means we get to play the game 5 days prior to the “RELEASE”.

Technically speaking, we should not be allowed to be playing the game, but through the magic of digital bribery, we get to.

Honestly I find this to be an acceptable practice, at least until gamers are PUNISHED for not buying the games early. IF we get GIFTED these cars now, the DAY 1 players will not get them. That is kinda unfair, to be honest.

While I fully expect Turn 10 to push out some VIP cars within the first week or RELEASE, I honestly don’t expect for us to get special treatment before the rest of the world gets the game.


You have to “buy” them from the “get cars” section. They are all free and should be in the first column once you enter the auto shop or whatever it is called.


Thanks for the replies. This morning, I went to see the cars and found F&F cars are free, same goes with the Mazda bonus car for pre-order and 10-yr anni. cars.

I’m with Stig for the same situation waiting on the Ford GT, as I played demo mutliple times before Sept 10th. Checked message hub several times last night and this morning, still no show. Also I think we should get the cover car achievement unlocked upon receiving this gift car.

VIP and DLC cars should be available as far as I am aware. I fired up my ultimate edition last night and the Team Forza VIP cars and F&F cars were all available to me in the “free cars” menu category (a handy addition!).

They did mention in another thread that the Ford GT gift is being sent out in waves. I didn’t have mine when I first started playing but later last night it had arrived in my message center.

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VIP and DLC cars were all available for me when I got home yesterday. Ford GT was gifted to me this morning.

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