Can't run FH4 after 1809 update.

Upon launching FH4, this message pops up:

We’re sorry but it looks like you’re currently unable to launch the game due to the following.

-Windows media components required. (Code: FH601).

While investigating the WMC download page for Windows 10 N which I’m running, no applicable WMC version for Windows 10 1809 is to be found. Nowhere. Yes, it’s true.

Any suggestions?

Thanks. Tried that already. Same issue still.

After having a chat with MS support it appears that MS has pulled Windows Media Feature pack for Win10 N 1809, after pulling the update itself yesterday. In this case me and who-knows-how-many others are stuck with FH4 not able to launch until whenever MS decides to make WMF pack available again. Are Forza developers aware of this situation?


Damn, looks like I will have to stop updating my windows.

I’m in the same boat can’t launch the game anymore with the same error. I’m on Windows 10 Pro N, build 1809.

Just to provide some additional information:

This link says for build 1809 I can get the October Media Feature Pack here Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N (October 2018) - Microsoft Support
This link in turn says to go to the download center
No such 1809 build is available to download.

Exactly. No solution in the foreseeable future? Guess we are forced to play on xbox, which is a pity

That would be nice but I’m just a PC player. So right now they’ve taken my money and I’ve no way to play what I’ve paid for.

Unfortunately this isnt an issue with Forza itself, nor one created by T10 and Playground. As bad as this sounds, this one is all on Microsoft and their Windows departments. Which are completely separate from Xbox and the game devs under them. Realistically, you need to be contacting Microsoft support. Even contacting Xbox support in this case would be better than contacting T10/Playground via the Forums.

Still, I do hope someone from T10/Playground can let you know if there is at least a workaround or not while Microsoft fix the most recent updates.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. Stuck waiting for the release of the pack while forzathon and other events go by. Ah, that feeling of being helpless. Thank you, Microsoft

What is Windows 10 N? Is there some way to find out if you have this version?

If any of you want help fixing this issue, you can message me on my site… I’m more active there than i am here.

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Just PM me there.

You can type winver in run menu

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Thank you. Looks like I don’t have this N version so I shouldn’t have to worry about this update.

However, Googling this update I discovered it has an even worse flaw in it. It can delete all your pictures and documents from your users folder, on any Windows 10 version. So I’m gonna backup those folders before it updates automatically!

Sorry for off topic, just wouldn’t have known about this if I hadn’t stumbled upon this thread here.

Mines also broken but don’t have any errors or event logs or anything so GG. Couldn’t play Horizon 3 on PC for over two years due to download and CTD issues they never patched. At least I had almost one full week of H4 before they broke it.

There are perhaps many problems with windows, but in this specific case we need an opinion from forza devs on what one can do with 1809 installed and no media future pack available. So far, no reply

Just been looking at this, my Win 10 is Full Home version 1803 last updated yesterday. Windows 10N for Europe or KN for Korea is a cut down version of windows without any Media Player and all associated technologies.

Hence why you are having issues, would need an updated Media App that goes with your latest version of Windows N.

You are mostly correct, except for the part about official requirements for Forza horizon 4 and they simply state windows 10, without version specification for N, KN, etc. So yeah my windows is a bit cutdown but that shouldn’t be a problem as per requirements. I’m perhaps repeating myself here but there is no media feature pack available for 1809. It doesn’t exist.

I did not even know there was a cut down version until I read this thread. It states that N version is sold so you can use what ever media software you prefer. Must be a cheaper version.

I guess most if not all gaming companies state Windows 10 and mean the general mainstream version as they assume everybody would be using that.

Ok, so I was able to get Forza running again by reverting from build 1809.

You can do it through the recovery settings on Windows handily enough.