will not launch on pc

since the latest update the game will will flat-out not run spitting out this error:

We’re sorry, but it looks like you’re currently unable to launch the game due to the following:

  • Dependant libraries or components are missing from your system. (Code: FH001)

Click the “More Information” link below to view details on error codes and learn more about the game’s requirements.

Yet when i go to the link nothing is there for code diagnosing, tried re installing the game completely and pops up with the same error, also since the latest windows update i have not been able to launch FM7 either

any help is greatly appreciated as i want to get back racing!

P.S. already tried sacrificing a goat to Cathullu, didn’t work

still no fix, re run graphics drivers, tried the ‘push to install’ trick and the holfing page up when quitting but nothing is working, is anyone actually aware of the problem or trying to fix it?