Hang Type: Activation ERROR (Forza 4) PC Users input

Recently purchased the bundle of FH3 and FH4 ultimate editions on the Microsoft Store for PC (not Xbox).

I would be curious to ask if anyone playing FH4 with or without DLCs are able to launch their game as of August 2020.
My system is on Windows 10 ver. 2004 (latest).

If anyone is able to launch the game and share their specs, I would be interested to know if it’s my specific system or if it’s FH4 files.

Forza support has acknowledged the issue but provided no background or context.
Is the only recourse to wait for a Windows Update?

I’m afriad it’s an issue which has been going on for months for some of us. The issue is not windows version specific (Think I’ve had three version updates and I’m now on 2004).

It’s been acknowledged as a known issue, but no more information has been given.

I believe it is only effecting the ultimate editions, and I assume it’s a conflict between the game pass and Microsoft store… but could be wrong. Seems to me to be a licensing error which is whyfor some people it happens after they purchase the ultimate add-ons.

If I was you, I would request a refund via the Xbox website here: Xbox Support

Then purchase the standard edition.

Thank you, but they denied me a refund.

I have two systems. The game fails to launch with the activation error on one of them, and starts up fine on the other, using the same account and license. Both machines are running current versions of Windows, and nVidia graphics cards. Not sure why it likes one machine and not the other.

Interesting, do you have any 3rd party apps running on one and not the other? Was this the Standard Edition or the Ultimate Edition ?(which I don’t think matters because the Ultimate edition allows me to download the standard edition without DLCs since the DLCs are separate installs.)

I’m really trying to hone down on what exact issue could be causing it. I don’t run many, if any, 3rd party apps with services in the background.
I’ve tried the known tricks of Syncing Date/Time on Windows, running on a clean boot, install/reinstall, etc. So weird.

The machine that works is a work system, with very little installed apart from productivity and telecommuting apps (Office, Teams, Visual Studio). The machine that doesn’t work is my personal gaming machine with all kinds of stuff installed on it. It would be difficult to isolate it down to a specific component or service, since I am unwilling to do a clean-install at this point.