Can't find pre-order car?

I pre-ordered the standard edition of the game that is supposed to come with the Shelby GT350R but I see no dlc cars except for the Warthog that I got. In the garage/autoshow I see a Shelby GT350R that I can purchase for $75k,is this is? If that is it then I dont understand why you would pre order to get the vehicle and then have to pay for the vehicle in game.

I honestly don’t know. I pre-ordered it on the Xbox Store and I was supposed to get a Mercedes, but I never did. It’s not in my garage.

Anyone have an answer for this?

I got my pre order Mercedes from the xbox app on my PC. it showed up under messages on the right side.

it looked like this. and the code is already used so dont waste your time trying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we get an answer from a moderator maybe on why we aren’t receiving our pre-order cars? Or maybe a way to contact someone who could help us?

PreOrder cars come from who ever you bought from…not Turn 10
If bought from the dash it comes in an xbox live message from xbox and should be the Mercedes
Contact xbox support or whoever you bought from
The mustang was the preorder car from the Microsoft store…not the same as xbox store

I received the code for the Shelby GT350R by email on Friday and redeemed it but I don’t see it in my garage or DLC either. I think its bugged.

Hard reset your console and see if it shows up
Goes straight to your garage

for some reason I can purchase al the pre-order cars via the autoshow.
in the X-box app i received a message that the mercedes s63 AMG coupe was ready to redeem.
when i looked it up i saw al the other pre order cars as well?? bugged maybe

Not bugged
All the preorder cars were already available in the game
Just have to use in game credits to buy them

The preorder cars also have preorder in their description and have a upgraded tume instead of stock

This was stated months ago too
They are nothing special

oops, my bad :wink:

I see no cars in my garage or autoshow store that have pre-order in the description.

Have you redeemed a code that you got from who ever you preordered through

The codes are not sent by turn 10 or playground

I never received any codes. No messages from Xbox or emails with dlc codes.

I have similar issue. I got the code for the Mercedes and activated it via the App, but then checking the garage and autoshow doesn’t show the car.