Can't download with windows 10

I can’t download the game in the windows store because the download button is greyed out and it says i need DX12 but in dxdiag it says I do. I know other people have had this problem but I haven’t found an answer.

My specs are
GTX 660ti
1TB hard drive with 105GB left
i7 2600K 3.40Ghz

Have you tried updating your windows?
Windows 10 Needs to be fully up to date in order to download both the games from the store.

Yes, version 1607
Build 14393.321
is what i have

Same problem here, Just built my Son a gaming P.C. fully up to day in Windows and card drivers. Can’t download the game as it’s greyed out…

GTX 980Ti
i5 4690k
16 gig ddr3
64bit windows 10 pro