Can't do championship because required car is dlc.. u serious?

the car required is a james bond car which i don’t have and i cannot do the championship…SERIOUSLY??? [Mod Edit]

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I mean the championship is based off Skyfall. So it’s technically a DLC championship.


Same here. Was also disappointed. Looked like a fun track around the city.

OMG! Is what you’re saying is that they have challenges that are only exclusively for VIPs? That is outrageous! How could they do such a thing? What makes a VIP so special that they get exclusive challenges that the rest of us can’t do? I am appalled.

Oh wait a minute…,. I am a VIP. Sorry, scratch that… carry on.


That is completely missing the point. When you buy a car that isn’t top of the range, nobody expects to get the features from a higher spec car. But what they don’t expect is for it to have all the controls for the features that aren’t there, and every time you push a button for one of those features, it displays a message offering to make the button work if you send them x amount of money.

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No, what you get instead is a “plastic cover plate” that hides where the button would normally be. Then when someone asks “What’s that for?” you have to explain how you couldn’t afford the higher spec car.


You sometimes get that, but it’s certainly not universal, e.g. steering wheels are often completely unique to a particular spec and don’t have any blanking plates. And where blanking plates are used in places, they’re generally pretty inoffsensive and are clearly just a means of reducing manufacturing cost by using common parts rather than being a specific strategy to annoy customers.

Another example would be cameras, where each physical design is unique to the spec of camera, again they don’t use the cynical strategy of making using the camera really annoying unless you buy the top model.

You can do the regular championship by pressing Y, which does not require a DLC car.


Not the regular championship, it just does a single race. But genuinely thanks for that, you’ve answered another question I’d been wondering about as I was puzzled about them saying “Exhibition Available” with no obvious way to complete the exhibition, but having tried it, I see that using Y to switch to normal event results in the Exhibition showing as completed after you’ve done it.


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…if i don’t got the required dlc pack this event shouldn’t show up on my map in the first place.

if i don’t got vip i don’t want vip-only stuff to show up on my map.

Of all the stuff in the game to complain about, this is lowest on the list for me.

You can still switch to the regular race there, but if a friend has the DLC car and starts the event, you can ‘borrow’ their car and play it free. Their previous games had advertising for DLCs in the menus (cars) and even on the map before (expansions), this is really no different. I don’t have the DLC and really don’t care if they have DLC specific restrictions for certain events, they probably should get a little something extra for paying the money for it. It doesn’t affect me at all.


Well, I guess if we’re going to continue using analogies, I’ll throw the Disney World Analogy at you.

You go to Disney World and buy the standard ticket, but Mr. VIP buys the “VIP Pass”. Every ride he wants to go on he gets to go in the “Special VIP” line with less wait time.

So, do you go to Disney and say, “Mr. Disney, it isn’t fair that I should have to see that line every time I want to go on a ride. You should hide that line from me and quit indicating I should have bought the VIP Pass.”?

And Mr. Disney will kindly reply… “Don’t be goofy.”


No, it’s such an absurd setup that I wouldn’t go there at all. TBH responses such as yours are convincing me the answer is to not buy any more Forza games, and before buying any other game in the future I should research it to see if it contains the same intentional annoyance techniques. As I’ve said before, the Forza games are the only games I’ve experienced this in, so it simply hadn’t occurred to me as a potential problem before. I know better now.

Oh come on… I think I was being just as absurd as you were, and we haven’t even touched on the Verizon or McDonalds Analogies yet.

I don’t think I’m being absurd at all, I’m really struggling to think of anything else I’ve ever bought that contains measures designed to annoy me until I pay to upgrade it.

Pls. pls. pls. pls More analogies

“Don’t be goofy” holy shoot. Lol

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The non-DLC championships currently have better prizes. Classic Rally C600 gives you Super Wheelspin and an exclusive outfit.

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That’s debatable as the seasonal championship, depending on how you do and against what level drivatars gives you credits, a wheelspin and a super wheelspin.