Cannot start game

Here it is @3am EST and I’m unable to launch the game. I pre-ordered the digital Deluxe version about two months ago and it already pre-installed the game.

  1. I’ve tried restarting/repowering the console
  2. Network connection is fine (obviously)

The game appears to start and then minimizes and sits at the start screen (Ford GT) indefinitely.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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I’ve got similar problem but mine just kept showing “You’re to early”. I’m redownloading whole pack, maybe that will help. (Powercycling obviously didn’t help, I’m really tired of your BS microsoft :frowning: )

Quick update;

Got MS support case opened. Couldn’t help resolve the issue after trying a bunch of stuff.

I have a MS case open too, mine locked up on me sunday night, and still is screwed up, done everything but stood on my damn head… whats the deal T10? mine says load failed, please try again later

have you tried uninstalling the game and re-installing it? I had same issue last night with the launch and it would not get past the splash screen.

I get stuck on the tail light of the Ford GT loading screen with the spinning circle in the bottom right corner. It will spin FOREVER if you let it. Please fix this, I ordered the ultimate edition and only logged about 5 hours until this.

I get stuck on the initial loafing screen as well. Going to try redownloading it now, but I am not happy about that.

Just finished reinstalling it, nothing changed.

Same here T10. Also Forza Horizon 2 and Forza5 stay in loading screen. I am not happy About It. Please make sure you fix this problem asap.
Other games that require an Internet connection like Destiny do work. I guess it has something to do with Forza

I bought the game about a month ago and it has not installed past 20% ever. I opened a MS support case but they kept saying it was internet problems which is wrong because I have downloaded other games and apps in the same time period.

I bought the game last week the ultimate edition and could play no issues… then I didn’t play all weekend until today - when I go in I get the hot ass of the gt with the load spinning at the bottom right. When I go to the Xbox store it doesn’t even look like I purchased the game yet. I’m afraid to uninstall the game to try anything. Xbox live status doesn’t say anything… anyone got any info or is anyone playing right now?

same thing for me. everytime I get out of the game and go back in it will be frozen then when I restart it will get stuck at the Ford GT taillight screen until I turn off the xbox and unplug adapter for a hard reset then it works fine until I exit the game again