Cannot download my Ford GT. :(

Hi guys,

Thanks for making an amazing game - I played the demo, loved it - etc etc. :slight_smile:

However, I cannot download my Ford GT which was gifted to me for playing the demo. I have the notification in my Message Center and it gives me the option to download, but after I press A, the message just loops - the “Download” icon just returns after a few seconds of disappearing. Rinse and repeat. I have been waiting since September 15th (Australian Release date) and have tried every day since then to grab it, alas…

I really want this car. Any help would be appreciated.

A friend of mine(we’re in Canada) is having the same issues. I have a feeling the servers are just massively overloaded right now which leads to things not working right. Like nobody I know can get Drivatar liveries to work this weekend, they all just drive around with plain paint jobs.

Hopefully Turn 10 sorts all this out in the next couple of days.

I was gifted the 2017 Ford GT however it just appeared in my cars section without having to download it. I did buy a second GT but haven’t sold it beck. They are only 250k, quite cheap compared to other high end makes n models etc…

I think Turn 10 & MS have done a great job on this iteration of Forza. Big thumbs up guys!, but

I’ve been racing Forza since 2005 when the first iteration appeared as a release title or the original Xbox, which I still have several collector editions of the original console. Incl a Project Gotham 3 edition which I found in NZ. I Still use it to play V8 Supercars on all the real Aussie tracks - it’s a great game, especially iteration 3 (V8 Supercars).

Just sit back and enjoy FM6,

Try driving the A class cars in the rain at Le Mans Bugatti circuit is simply amazing (hint - use the Benz A Class and add 1 point to the neg camber on front, plus 01 neg toe-in and bump caster up to 5.03 and you’ll corner more quickly and sharper.

Plus it’s a virtual downpour and you can barely see from cockpit POV. I always race in the POV, otherwise it’s not a real sim, is it, especially on a huge 60" screen.

Keep on driving and having fun

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Thanks for the replies, guys. I haven’t tried it again today - but so far the car is neither in my Garage, nor can I download it from the Message Center notification. :frowning:
Also would be great if they fixed up the bugged AI in this game - the one where one car will pull away insane distances from the rest of the pack, no matter which difficulty you set it on.

I haven’t had any weird Drivatar issues like you mention, although, if you are gaining ground on the top pack, and approaching bends or corners, they can increase their lead dramatically under full acceleration if you don’t take the corner/bend still optimum speed and on line.

It’s just the nature of racing as once you slow down even a tad at peak pack groups, the leaders will get ahead damn fast. It’s even worse at Highly Skilled levels. Just getting into the top 3 is damn hard. Go to the same track and drive it by yourself or in Practise and watch braking markers, correct lines for optimum exits etc, then try and follow that pattern once you break away from the field.

The old adage of “practise makes perfect” is what it’s all about mate.

Uh… I can usually beat that lead car - my issue is more about how excessively far away from the rest of the pack it is. I would rather the other cars keep up / stay close to that lead car.
IE: It is me and that other car that are miles from the pack, and it doesn’t matter what difficulty I slot it under. Easiest or Hardest, I am pretty much fighting against the same type of lead car.

And STILL no Ford GT. It’s been eight days now! :frowning:

I am unable to claim the 2017 Ford GT that was gifted because I played the Demo. Until yesterday, the gift showed up in Message Center, but every time I press A to Download, the bottom bar saying (A - Download, B - Back) fades away then fades in again immediately. However, when I opened Forza Motorsport 6 today, the gift is no longer there in the Message Center. How can I get my Ford GT?

I also have this problem. The gift showed up in Message Center but the Download icon just keeps on disappearing and appearing again immediately. Worse, when I checked today, the gift is no longer there! Therefore, I have no way to claim this again. Hopefully I can get this soon. This game rocks!


Played the demo, found the updates from FM5 to FM6 to be phenomenal. The UI dashboard is fresh and flows seamlessly. Graphics improved; with rain, head lights and added sound effects are vivid and crisp. Great game!

However, after playing the demo, it said I would have 100,000 credits with the 2017 Ford GT available. But, after buying the game and waiting for it to install there was no credits but there was a message on downloading the Ford GT. But, never downloaded successfully as the car isn’t in my garage and message is gone. Can this get corrected please!