Can I use EventLabs offline?

I’m an offline-only Forza Horizon 5 player. I just want to quickly custom set the weather and time of day for some existing races. I can do that nice and quick in FH3 by blueprint feature, usable offline.
Looks like to custom set weather and time of day for existing races in FH5, I have to access and use “EventsLab” which is more complicated to find and use. Is there a way I can access/open EventsLab while offline, to just custom set weather and time of day for existing races? Or do I have to be online to access and use EventsLab. I don’t want to spend 4 hours creating new routes, or to share anything. I just want to set custom weather and time of day for existing races. Quickly and conveniently, like FH3’s blueprint existing races option.
If I can do that offline with EventsLab, how do I find and open EventsLab? It seems to be hidden somewhere. Do I click on Creative Hub while pausing gameplay? Can I access Creative Hub offline,
or do I have to go online to access creative hub, then events lab, all that hassle just to custom set weather and time of day for an existing race? I get an unpleasant impression that FH5 programmers mistakenly think ten year old kids or casual offline players all have programming degrees, to deal with new complicated procedures in FH5. Like the absurd route creator with weird objects, and hours of tedious details.

To create a route with EventLab, which you might be able to do offline, I’m not sure as you need to publish it to save the event, you go to any race, go to the left of the default race, and press the thing saying either “EventLab” or “Custom Route,” I can’t remember which at the moment.