Can I cross play with a digital and a disc copy?


I have a pc and xbox one, I bought and installed the cross buy forza horizon 3 digital copy on both using the same account.

Now you cannot play on both at the same time with one copy.

If I was to buy the disc version and put it in the Xbox One and switch to my sons account, would it count as a different version and allow for cross play?


Yeh you can

But dont worry about buying another copy
He should be able to play fine on the xbone if your gamertag is on the xbone and the console is set to be your “home” console
If you try playing now with his account it should just play and you can play against each other
Ive already done this with my profile/gamertag on my PC and my wife’s gamertag on the xbone

So the account that owns the digital copy needs to assign the XB1 as a “home” account?

Then another account on the XB1 can play the game?

And the other account would need XB Live Gold too yes?

Yes .the other account can play
true…one of them would need it…that shares as well. So if the home account has gold it shares to all those on the same console
So does dlc
Only my main account has gold
My wife’s and any other secondary account can share whatever my main account has attached to it

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