Camber Settings

Is it just me, or when looking at telemetry for cars I’ve applied tunes to, the front camber always seems to be -.5.

I’ve tried a lot of different tunes, and checked on a number of different surfaces - and it always points to being set at -.5. Even on brand new cars where I buy a new upgrade / tune (no prior tunes applied) - it’s -.5.

If I build my own, and tune myself, and then check telemetry, it matches what I set. However, if I then load up a tune I downloaded, and then check - the front camber stays at whatever I had set.

In general, it’s as though front camber is not being set per a saved tune’s settings. On a brand new car with no prior tune / upgrade, it’s going to stay -.5 (default). If someone makes their own tune, and sets the front camber value, it will stay at that value regardless of what future tunes that are loaded.

I recall a similar report of this in Forza 5 - but not sure if this is the same thing. And maybe it’s just that every tune I’ve downloaded happens to have camber set at -.5. It’s unlikely, but possible.

Also - my concern is this:

Let’s say Raceboy77 creates a sweet tune for a car - and as part of that tune, is using front camber of -3.7 and rear camber of -3.2 (just random example values). For Raceboy77, it will drive as expected, because he is the one who set it. Once he shares the tune, though, and someone else downloads and installs it - they will be running a front camber of -.5 and rear camber of -3.2. The car is going to handle a lot differently for this player than Raceboy77 intended.

My tunes when used by me always show me the correct figures in telemetry.

I have had friends check 5 of my tunes.

Most were checked by the same friend using the same method for all of them.

4 tunes were correct but one of them has the default setting on the front.

Very interesting. Thank you. I wonder why the 1 car had default?

And I wonder if you were to grab a random tune for a car you made a tune for - and load that. Does the new, random tune keep the front camber of your tune, or the new tune?

'I recall a similar report of this in Forza 5 - but not sure if this is the same thing. And maybe it’s just that every tune I’ve downloaded happens to have camber set at -.5. It’s unlikely, but possible."

In FM5 if you “downloaded and installed” a tune it would be correct. If you “downloaded and saved” and installed later it would only load the rear settings. This bug was corrected in the April/May patch. The patch also corrected the ability to view locked tunes.

Unfortunately this is the exact problem that occured in FM5. Here is how to work around it.

Once a car has this problem it is only good for your own tunes. It will only work with your tunes. You can only have a new car with a new tune and leave it that way. Once you remove the tune the car is corrupted. Downloaded tunes will have default front settings no matter how you do it with that car that is corrupted. Also the downloaded tune is corrupted. Even if you buy a new car and install that tune it will have default front settings for all front adjustments.

Marry a new car with one tune and don’t change anything with that match or it will corrupt the front tuning settings. You can change the paint all day long with no problems.

Use your own tunes on the corrupted car. Remove the corrupted downloaded tune before get rid of that car and buy a new car.

Step 1: You need to go in with the problem car and delete the original downloaded tune from your tunes list. remember to use a car that is already corrupted.
Step 2: Buy a new car that will only be used with 1 downloaded tune.
Step 3: go to tuning and download the tune you would like that car to use. Now with that tune installed, you can’t remove the tune or install your own tune because that will corrupt the car and downloaded tune forever or until they patch the game.

Also for some reason they decided that in order to look at the tunes you have for a certain car you have to remove the tune before you can look at the tunes you have downloaded. I have sacrifice cars for this purpose. Sucks but until they fix it, this is how I stop corrupting cars.

When they patched FM5, all of the downloded tunes you have saved before the patch still had this problem. Only new tunes from the patch date onward were ok. It was not fun having hundreds of cars with hundreds of tunes. I just simply deleted cars I found corrupted after the patch. This problem just about killed FM5 for me because I don’t tune very well. I hope they repair this quick along with other tuning issues or it will cause a lack of interest for a lot of people.

Wow - thank you all for so much info and all the detail. All makes perfect sense - and little doubt that the original code was simply copied / pasted. Oh well.

One question re the following:

Is there actually a way to “get rid” of a car? Or, is it simply buying a new one, and then having the old and new in garage?

Looks like they just cut and pasted the tuning/sharing system from FM5, bugs and all.

If you want to remove the car your in you must first select another car from your garage or the autoshow. Then find the car you were in and press A and remove car. I guess that is so you don’t delete the car your in by mistake.

I got an update today and I’m sure everyone else has also. Tunes are loading correctly today.

I tested a new tune on a new car. Uninstalled the tune and installed my tune. Then installed the new tune again and it was good.

I haven’t verified a new tune on an old car or an old tune on a new car. I will try it out over the next couple of days and see how its working but so far tunes are loading correctly and locked tunes are LOCKED.

Very quick response for a serious problem.

Thanks for the info! I had some time last night to monkey around with it all - but I couldn’t replicate - I think I may have gotten the new patch and not realized it. Or, I was doing it wrong. Regardless, glad to hear it’s working as it should now.

And, I might be wrong, but I think the aspiration glitch may also be fixed. Either that or aspiration glitch doesn’t occur on barn finds.

The Aspiration glitch was working like other Forza games before the patch. I haven’t tested it yet. I have run into the super charger not installing after removing a locked tune. I try to remember to buy all aspiration upgades for a new car before I install a shared tune.

I can confirm that tunes saved before the patch will not load correctly on a new car. You don’t currupt the new car with the old tune, so just delete the old tune and redownload the tune you were trying to install. Hopefully it is still shared. I have been lucky that 99% of the tunes I deleted were still available to download again.

Today 10/26/2014 the front setting aren’t loading for me on a new car with new tune.

I wanted to give a tuner a LIKE on his tune but in order to do that I have to uninstall the tune to see the file I have saved. So difficult to do a simple task. When I reinstalled that same tune I just uninstalled, it did not load the front setting. I am checking every car before I drive it because not only is the tune not loading right but the car preview picture in the garage shows the car to be totally default parts and paint. So strange. The xbox one is so inconsistent from day to day.

I guess it’s back to hard reset every time I play. I do quit the game every time I play and I am using power save mode.

Interesting info - I’ll keep an eye out as well.

When you say “Hard Reset”, what does that entail on XBox One? Other than unplugging, I’m not sure how to do a “hard reset”. Sometimes I will hold down the Xbox button on controller for a few moments, and then Turn Off console - others I will yell Xbox! Turn Off! Yes! - and still others, I just let it sit (and flip TV input to whatever other device I want to watch). Xbox One will eventually turn off.

I’d actually prefer to do hard resets each time - I’m just not entirely sure how to do them.

To hard reset your xbox one, press and hold the power button on the face of the box for 10 seconds. You may not notice anything happening unless you have the box set to instant ON power mode. In instant ON mode you will see the blue light on the power supply turn orange when holding the power button on the box.

The latest update from last week has not fixed anything in regards to the tune loading issues. Also pay attention to your car reverting back to default after rivals and road trips in single player. This has happened to me a few times.

Sadly this is true. I know own 2 Ford RS1800 one with a permanent downloaded tune on it, and one that I’m doing the right way since I forgot.

I also cannot remember if I bought everything for my 22b STi originally so I may have to go out and buy some more of those as well.

Going into the settings on the RS1800 though, it seemed that the tune itself looked ok when I had downloaded it. I can’t b sure I’m 100% accurate but I don’t believe the person who shared it used a stock figure and it did not have a stock figure when I looked. If that value is what they intended or not is a whole other matter that I cannot confirm.

So, in other words, downloading tunes is rather pointless.


Download and install works fine. Just don’t save and load onto the car later.