[C 500] Lamborghini Jalpa

Alright folks, I’ve decided to upload another tune since I’ve been having so much fun using it.

For fun I decided to work on the Lamborghini Jalpa, since they’re somewhat of a rarity in the C class destruction derby…err…lobbies, and to my surprise, it’s actually pretty fast. I’m also insanely happy with how the car turned out over all in terms of driveability, it’s a personal milestone for me as I’m always a little disappointed in the “ride quality” of my tunes.

The car accelerates well, stops well, and turns well, all while feeling balanced and stable with only a slight tendency towards oversteer. So far, it’s done well on every track that I’ve used it on.

You can find the tune under my username xF4LC0NxPUNCHx or under the tune’s name “C500 balance”

I welcome any and all feedback!

Figured I’d put up some lap times that have been achieved with my driving. I’m an “OK” driver, and I use ABS, so there is absolutely more time to be had.

Prague Full Reverse 2:08.989 (#55 Americas)
Prague Short Reverse 1:05.495 (#111 Americas)
Watkins Glen Full Alt 2:05.049 (would be #73 Americas)
Spa 2:43.872 (would be #34 Americas)