Buying cali t i can give you 50 m

pls i want a cali i can give you money text me on dis alberttsu

Why do people insist on these ridiculous thread headings.
You can’t action any car for any more than 20M and the Cali T 2014 can only currently be put up for 94K max.
If I had a spare I’d give it to you for min buyout - 25 K.

It’s pretty clear you don’t have any idea of how the Auction House work in this game.

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Not this again !
I know exactly how the AH works in the game.
The point that’s getting to me is the thread headings.
Just say “I’ll pay Max buyout” rather than a figure that nobody can sell it for.
As per previous discussion - I’m out.
If you can’t understand the point I’m making then don’t reply.

Yeah as I said, you don’t know at all how the Auction House works!

The seller will put up a donor car like the 08 bmw to make up for the difference in the credits like if he wants 50 million for a car he can put 4 donor cars for max buyout which is 12.8 m then put the Cali up for the difference, that’s how they sell these cars for over they’re price


What’s that got to do with the point I’m trying to make ?
You can’t sell ANY car for over 20M so just stop saying you’ll pay 50M, 100M or whatever.
Just say “I’ll give you 50M in total for any amount of cars as long as you then sell me the requested car at whatever price it can go for”
Problem is that most people will then cash in on that even if they don’t even have the requested car to sell.
Pointless request.

The way you suggested of doing it is not selling a car for over it’s max buyout, just buying other cars and hoping they’ll then sell you the requested car as well. Selling other cars at big values has nothing to do with selling the requested car for the price they say they will pay.
I’ll say it for the last time - stop saying you’ll pay an impossible price for a car when nobody can sell that car for the price you say you will pay.
Again - if you don’t understand the point of my post them I AM OUT.

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Ok great you know how the auction house works. But you dont know how trading works. We all get you point,( you can not spend anything more than 20mil in the auction house on one car), we all get your point.

Let’s take the Ferrari California T for example that car is a seasonal playlist car and you can’t buy it in the autoshow. Its max buyout in the auction house is 94,000 credits. The car has a TRADE VALUE of 50 million credits. You can’t pay the TRADE VALUE buy buying the California t alone, it is impossible.
Hence the term DONOR CAR. A perfect example of a DONOR CAR is the BMW M3 2008. It has a price in the autoshow of 84,000 credits. However in the auction house it has a max buyout of 12.8 million credits,(and if you don’t believe me go on the autoshow and look at the price then go and look for it in the auction house and you will see the max buyout price). So inorder for someone to pay 50 million credits for the California t, you list 5 BMW M3 2008s for on the auction house at 10 million credits each. The person who is buying the California t then searchs for YOUR BMW M3 2008s on the auction house using your Gamertag. That person then buys all 5 BMW M3 2008s which will total to 50 million credits. The person who is selling the California t will then list the California t on the auction house for the buyer to buy at 94,000 credits.
That is how TRADING works in this game. That is how WE do it.
If you still don’t understand these thread’s titles then you are a lost cause and don’t ever post on someone else’s thread saying it is a pointless thread.

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But why would anyone want pay 12mil for a BMW M3 2008 when there only 84,000 credits in the autoshow sounds like a scam they buy 5 BMWs for 50mil and you bye there California t 94,000 credits in the AH then your making over 48mil that DEFO a SCAM

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If anyone has common sense the definitly NOT buy an M3 2008 from the auction house.The M3 has such a high buyout because so many people use it as a donor car.

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I Agree so over priced it need capping 54,000 credits

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Agreed. Yes you can buy 5 BMW M3 '08 for 84K in the AS then hope somebody who doesn’t realise that will pay the full 12.8M (and get about 10.5M after AH fees) but that’s how some people do things rather than check the AS first.
The point - once again - is don’t say you’ll pay 50M for a car that can’t be sold for anywhere near that hoping they’ll eventually sell you one (if they have it to sell) after you give them 50M for 5 other cars.

And yes @Sir_mano1971 - there should be a price cap on such cars.

The cali T is priced at 50mil because you can’t get it in the autoshow. Plus people hardly list it in the auction house. It’s practically non-existant in the auction house. the only time you will see it in the auction house is if you have been refreshing the aucttion house for over an hour which is super boring and if one dose show YOU have 0.1 seconds to buyout the auction before someone else does. if you miss it or are too slow, only God knows how long you would have to wait for another one.

It has a Trade price of 50 million credits because it is a RARE CAR. Like I said this car hardly ever shows in the auction house. It’s about how hard is to pay 94,000 credits before someone else does, how long it goes without being listed and how many are in circulation.

we don’t pull these prices because we are desprite for credits and that we want to scam people.

The way people use the AH to increase their CR has nothing to do with the point that I originally posted. It was all about the subject headings.

Again - I know exactly how the AH works and how people use certain cars to boost their CR. The max selling costs of cars moves dramatically week on week. Some weeks you can’t get a car for under a ridiculously inflated price, other weeks they’re peanuts.

The point - once again - is don’t say you’ll pay 50M for a car that can’t be sold for anywhere near that hoping they’ll eventually sell you one (if they have it to sell) after you give them 50M for 5 other cars.
Just say you’ll pay Max dollar / CR for the car you’re asking for.

If anybody’s interested, I’ve got a couple of '08 M3s that I’ll happily sell for the min buyout - 1.1M at the mo…
but I ain’t interested in CR so if they go for min buyout if it drops I don’t care.

and - as I said in my original post - if I had a spare Cali T '14 he could have it for min buyout.

The guy is saying he will pay 50mil because that is the TRADE PRICE. Bruh no one is gonna sell you the car at max buyout at 94,000 credits.
Only NEW or RETURNING RARE CARS have a buyout that changes dramatically.
I really dont get why the titles are annoying you.
I am tired of this pointless argument many people have tried to tell you the reason behind the prices and how to pay them using DONOR CARS .This is how WE do our TRADES. YOU simple refuse to listen to what we have to say.

I too am tired of this pointless DISCUSSION.
I get what you’re saying about how people get the 50M by selling other cars unrelated to the requested car but YOU haven’t listened or understood the point that I was saying or the reasons why it was a dangerous way to do it - don’t say you’ll pay X amount for a car that nobody can put it up for.
It was a simple point but you’ve ignored that with responses that have no relation to the point made.

Again - I AM OUT.

my guy somehow thought title is saying you can sell a car more than 20m and suggests a paragraph long title so he wont be triggered… insane mental gymnastics :joy: :joy:
mannnnn please be OUT as you said many times in the thread its too much cringe to handle for us

This is the second time he blows up because he can’t stop and read what people are saying