Businesses and Story feature in FH4

Hope it’s not a repeat, but after what I remember they said that there will be businesses, as in more than one. And here on the forum I have read that it’s 10 businesses.

I have bought the supercar rental and 3 stars on all the missions, but there is not a new business to buy.

Do any know what the other businesses are and when it’s possible to buy them?


I would like to know this too, I only have the one too.

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I think thats it, people who previewed the game might have confused stories like stun, drift, and racer with businesses since it has similar gold icon.

There is just the one currently, World’s Fastest Rentals.

Perhaps the confusion is due to that story arc having ten chapters.

A lil bit off topic here, how did you manage to beat the Bugatti mission I’m stuck with two stars :neutral_face:

Cut corners.

There is one more business I’ve seen while driving around called Isha’s taxis but I don’t know how to unlock it


Hope to see it soon! Perhaps its coming in november/december update…

How do you unlock the supercar rental business?

Progress in the story

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Btw., what’s the math behind the daily reward from World’s Fastest Rentals?

They vary every day (got 30/30 stars). Not that it really matters with 12-15k payout … ; ) unless you can boost this somehow.

Progress in the story and it unlocks an icon in Edinburgh, just North of the tramline that runs East/West across the city.

Was wondering the same as I’ve had a 12k payout while only on 12 stars, but more often around 7k.

My guess is that this is the drivatar payout in disguise…

Im getting 10k credits on average with 27/30 stars.

In game stats page says I own 1/1 businesses. I don’t know if that will become 1/2 at some future point.

what are the business’s in horizon 4?

At this stage the only business is the World’s Fastest Rentals in Edinburgh (basically the same as the Stunt/Drift/LaRacer stories except you also get a daily payout as a reward). I wouldn’t be surprised if more are added in future updates/expansions

Just one so far: Worlds Fastest in Edinburgh. It is one of the 5 Horizon Storylines and it gives you a daily payout based on stars earned in the story. The daily payout is similar to the drivatar payout from previous Forza games.

I have 19 stars (if I remember correctly) and get just under 10k a day.

The payout from Rentals is 12k a day when you get 30/30.

I have earned around 12k until yesterday, when I suddenly got 24k. 30/30 starts.