Businesses and Story feature in FH4

Since I earned all 30 stars, it’s paid 12,375, 4 time2, 12k even once, and 12,125 once most recently.

Back when I was about half through with completing the rentals, I had a one daily payout of 9ver 30k. A few 18-20k a bit later, but mostly always just over 12k since completing it.

In the PG stream before the RC final, they confirmed there would be at least one new business added, saying something like “driving people to places very fast”. So Taxi business incoming :slight_smile:

Another indication that a taxi business is coming is that the cast list on IMDb has an entry for a voice actor in the role of “Taxi Passengers”.

Yep, it says 1/2 now, so hopefully the next one will be unlocked soon.

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can you run taxi services in Forza Horizon 4 ?
I think I heard this from someone and i’m wondering if it’s true.

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Someone is having a lend of ya

There’s a ‘business’ up in the Edinburgh area of the map that’s more like a car rental thing. Your job is part owner, and promotional stunt driver. So you’re not so much a taxi driver, but you do take the cars form one point to another very quickly. It’s kindof like Laracer or the stunt driver gig that replaces the bucket lists from FH3.

Not really a taxi service, though. But if they’re taking suggestions…

Supposedly there is a taxi business in the works, and the IMDb page for the game lists an actor as the voice of a taxi passenger.

But there’s no official word on any release date yet. The taxi business was originally mentioned by the game’s art director in an interview as an example of the stories and businesses in the game.

I’m sure one of the PG developers mentioned it in one of the monthly streams as well. Suspect it will come in one of the next couple of monthly content updates.

Are the stories, 3 stars attainable for each season?
Or is it better to wait for better conditions?
Or a mix of both?

I’m trying to finish up a couple of chapter’s in LaRacer &
It’s not going well.
Need I wait?

Michigan Rowdy

Best to do them when it’s summer time - some LaRacer chapters were unbearably bad when I tried to complete them during winter.

Don’t forget that the best route isn’t always what is shown on the ‘Sat Nav’ … some events need big chunks of corners to be cut.
that said, events that require outright grip will be much easier in summer than winter

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Not all are able to be 3 starred in all seasons, that is for sure. I was almost done with the super fast VIP stories (near the trolley in Edinburgh) when it turned to winter. I replayed several of them 30+ times and could only muster a 2 star on my best runs. Wait for summer, absolutely destroy the required time for 3 stars just like the others before winter hit. I basically got the winter barn find and stopped playing until the next season, since progress was near impossible.

PG are missing the point of Horizon stories

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I’ll keep it short, most of the stories we have are really boring and one dimensional. They feel extremely grindy (especially the later ones like skill streak). The road to achieving your goal is also very blurred, in skill streak Jamin literally says that you should stay on the road and get the skill points. But the most effective way is just to charge through fields drifting rather that following an un-efficient road. Also, how am I supposed to keep the streak alive if I stay on the road? Are you telling me to drift a Lamborghini? This ain’t drift club m8. The first two stories were enjoyable, and drift club became more of an introduction to drifting (for me at least). After that it got really messy, why do I drag race in a taxi story? Skill points in taxi story?

IMO the stories should be a bit easier, or at least not as grind like (we got PR-stunts, races and rivals for that). They should be more focused interacting with the NPCs. If the next teased story is another boring grind I will be extremely disappointed. My advice is to make the goal clear in a story and to stick to that throughout all the chapters.

I really enjoyed the stunt movie one; wouldn’t mind a sequel to it, either. :+1:t2:

I haven’t bothered with most of the added stories. All the stories I’ve done are annoying to try and three-star all the way through, and doing so is necessary for the completion prize. And they’ve mostly not been entertaining enough to be worth doing just for fun.

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The stories should be more interactive, it would be cool if you could actually give people rides in the open world after completing Isha’s Taxi. For money ofc.

The Stunt Driver Story had some fun missions, apart from that they feel like a mediocre attempt to inject a story into the old Bucketlist challenges from previous games. The Skill story is especially bad as it literally is just the bucketlist challenges made worse by having them all start in the same place with some borderline cringy dialogue from that one dude about how much he likes the cars.

For FH5 please bring back the bucketlist with Blueprinting capabilities like FH3, and if you have Horizon Story missions then make them feel more unique like the Stunt driver one.

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Not a fan of stories, the repetitive VO is annoying, the objective is often the same and it doesn’t really work with seasons.