Business Expansion Pack:

Business Expansion Pack:

Maps: Downtown Seattle Map

Cars: 2016 Bugatti 16C Galibier, Mayback Excelero, Cadillac DTS, Audi S1, 2015 Mercedes C-Class, 2014 Mercedes S-Class, Bentley Arnage T, Rolls Royce Wraith, Rolls Royce Ghost, Hummer H2 & H3, Hummer H3 Limo, Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln Town Car Limo

Upgrades: NOS, you can put more boost on it, it runs out quicker the more boost it has & there is refill stations in every city, and you can see the nos tank inside the car, Colorable Neon Lights, Xenon - Regular Headlights & Regular - Xenon Headlights & Colorable Headlights

Features: an Autovista type Feature
Theres a button in the garage, you click it to go to auto vista
there you see all your cars,
Garage just all quartz with lighting, nothing fancy
you can open/close their windows, Open/close their doors, turn it on and rev it,
you can drive your car out of the garage
you unlock the cars with the car keys, theres a place where you grab all the keys, you use the keys to unlock the car you want w/ animations for it, get in, drive it out of your garage,

Huge appreciation if you could make this Turn 10, Playground Games, Microsoft Studios

Thank you for reading this Turn 10, Playgroud Games, Microsoft Studios, and the Forza Community

Thank you, Bye!

Why i didnt put this in the wishlist, because there was that other guy who requested the Casio G-Shock Pack, and it came, and it was a car pack not in the wishlist

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Why have you created 2 new threads that are just going to get locked? Why not just use the wishlist stickied at the top if the page? The Casio G-Shock pack was an actual car pack not a wishlist, that thread was created to discuss the pack just after it was announced.


Also people didnt want Autovista in the motorsport franchise so why here? They can use that space for something else. Most people are going to be racing, you can look at the car in car meets.

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The G-Shock car pack came because T10 obviously had a partnership with them due to the 370x G-shock car.

This needs to go in the Wishlist Thread, you already got told that by a moderator so why do it again?


Please use the established Wish List threads.