Building alternative cars in FH5

One of the things I like doing is building alternative cars in the game. By that I mean that for example the Volvo 850R in game is an automatic. But with a transmission swap you can build a manual 5 speed version (making the 6th gear obsolete). I did that with many cars; swapping the transmissions for either the manual or automatic versions. It’s pretty fun because instead of 680 cars, you now have well over a 1000 to choose from.

The same thing can be done with certain engine upgrades or with visual upgrades.

I’ll list some of my alternative builds later, but which are yours? I’d love to know how many alternative cars you can build in Forza Horizon 5.

I have 5 different setups for my ae86 including…
2jz swapped drift (a)
stock motor drift (a)
2jz top speed build (s2)
2jz road car (s1)
initial d accurate Takumi’s 86 (after the race engine) (b)

I have done this with a few other cars like the 22b STI with 3 tunes all using the stock engine
rally (s1)
road (s1)
drift (a)

I meant versions of cars that are or were sold irl, not tuned.

oh still I’ve done that as well